Baghera is a family run business very near Paris.  Started by Emmanuel Nouveau in 1999, the company create beautiful metal pedal cars for children.  Each car is handmade in France and takes many hours of careful labour to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and exquisite detailing are obtained.  These cars are quintessentially stylish, chic, vintage and above all a lot of fun.

Lovely bright colours are used for each car and the collection ranges from old classic cars to working vehicles such like a fire engines. -  They are so beautiful there is a great chance they will be passed down through families as heirlooms.

Baghera pedal cars are subjected to rigorous safety tests and are designed in accordance with European standards.

We love these childrens pedal cars by Baghera.  We only wish we were small enough to ride them around our French Blossom offices!

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