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The toy designer 'Egmont Toys' can trace its history back to 1994, where operating from a garage in Belgium it began selling toys for other toy manufacturers.  Move forward several years and the company decided in 1997 to create their own line of toys.  Their first toys were a series of hand puppets that became an instant hit with their audience.  Today the designer creates soft toys, creative gift ideas, wonderful lamps for children and a whole host of original products for babies and kids.  Their in-house designer  Gaëtane Lannoy works with pen and paper instead of computers when designing new toys and product ideas.  This freedom and creativity has seen many pieces from Egmont toys become hugely popular around the world.

From all their creations the childrens lamps really stand out for us at French Blossom.  As really original room decoration for children and babies each lamp is traditionally made and hand painted giving it a very unique and original feel.  With many different colours and shapes to choose from, there is a room lamp for everyone's tastes and for every room design.  The mushroom lamps come in two different sizes and then several different colours.  The large mushroom lights look fantastic in the corner of a room or near a bed while the smaller lamps are fun on a shelf or for a bedside cabinet.  Look closely at the white base of each lamp and you see the fine line detailing while on the top of each mushroom, small holes allow delicate shafts of light to shine around the walls and ceiling when the lights are off or during the night.  The mushroom lamps make a wonderful gift idea for children and are made from a durable resin making them a great choice for little ones.

If mushroom lamps are not what you are looking for, then the pretty and poetic rabbit light is really adorable.  A soft white in colour and hand painted with little peach colourings on his ears and nose, each rabbi t has a hand drawn mouth and sweet little paws crafted out of the resin.  This rabbit lamp looks great during the day as a sculpture and as night falls and the room gets dark, the lamp can be  turned on to emit a soft warm glow around the room.

One of our personal favourite lamps from Egmont toys has to be Ernest the bear lamp !  Measuring 30cm in width and 19cm in height, this inquisitive looking little bear has been crafted with wonderful detail and hand painted little eyes.  As with the rabbit, the white bear lamp will make a striking piece of original room decoration for a babies nursery of children's bedroom and will comfort little ones when the room is dark during the night !

Each light comes with a 12 volt transformer and a 10 watt light bulb.  The lamps from Egmont toys are all safety tested and conforms to CE safety standards.  The lamps come with a 2 metre cord.

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Gold mushroom lamp

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Last Item! Height: 28cm Material: Plastic resin Safety:  Conforms to European safety standards The mushroom room light comes with a 12v transformer and 10watt bulb.  NB.  An adaptor plug may be required...