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As part of her university studies at Central Saint Martins in London, designer YiYing came up with the inspiring idea to create the world of Noodoll !  Original, funny and don't forget unbelievably soft, the Noodoll characters really are colourful and  so quirky !  Often described as little monsters, their round oversize bodies, little ears and sweet features make Noodoll an adorable gift idea for children and adults alike.

In the family of fun and mischievous characters there are bears, rabbits, clouds and even a little squirrel to discover.  Each toy bear has his own distinctive features ! Take for instance 'Rice Dapper - Mr Moustache' who is grey in colour and has a huge black moustache and tiny little black bow tie. Another favourite has to be 'Rice Cracker' a mustard yellow bear with a little heart shaped nose. 
The rabbit toys are adorable too !  Soft cream and pink in colour, they have sweet little freckles on their cheeks and long ears.

If you own one of the Noodolls it will be difficult not start collecting the family creating your own little collection.  Each toy is hand stuffed and finished with precision in the UK and conforms to all safety standards for plush toys.

The bear and rabbit Noodolls measure approximately 20cm in height by 15cm in width and can be machine washed.

You probably know how much we love cloud toys and  original childrens room decoration here at French Blossom.  The cloud room light and our cloud wall stickers have now been joined by the Noodoll cloud toys!  Known as Rice Storm, the cloud toys have a little orange lightning bolt friend attached to the edge of the cloud.  The large Rice storm is a really big toy and looks great as a cloud cushion or a piece of room decoration when placed on a bed or shelf.  - It measures 70cm in width and 35cm in height.  Rest your head on this plush cloud and you will find it hard not to drift gently off to sleep as it is so soft !

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Rice Hawking

Price €20.83

Rice Hawking is a new addition tot he fun Noodoll soft toy collection.  A pale grey in colour, he has white ears and a white tummy.  He loves wearing his fancy bright yellow glasses as they really stand out !  Rice...