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April Eleven or Charline, the face behind the lovely creations comes from the South West of France.  Working with natural materials and minimalistic designs she looks to create objects and original decoration for the home that not only look beautiful but are functional too.

The name April Eleven comes from the date the designer started her business - April 2011.  From this day, inspired by her travels, Scandinavian design and her love of the outdoors, Charline has created a range of  wall mirrors, lights and wall hooks in her studios here in France.

Each piece is handmade mainly from wood, carved and shaped by the designer herself.  The collections are orientated towards children.  This is owed in part to the fact the designer studied at the Parisian Fashion university 'ESMOD International Paris' and from here she was influenced by the world of childrens fashion and design and decided to launch April Eleven.

At the French Blossom boutique you can now find a range of products from the designer.  The mirrors have to be one of our favourite creations as they are so unique and fun.  There is an ice lolly mirror, a superhero mirror and a balloon mirror to choose from.  Our personal favourite has to be the superhero mirror !  Measuring 27cm in height and 18cm in width, this mirror is certain to become a favourite piece of wall decoration for a childrens bedroom.  Little ones can approach the mirror and see themselves as a real superhero !  The balloon mirror is another lovely mirror, with the little striped cord hanging down, it will appear the balloon is lightly floating away when placed on a wall.  Both the balloon and the ice lolly mirrors are popular for adults too and look great in a living room as they are a really quirky and fun idea for wall decor.
At the back of each mirror is a small metal triangle to allow easy hooking on a wall nail or screw !

In the same theme as the super hero wall mirror, Charline has also designed some wondeful coat hooks in a natural wood and also in a black colour !   From a distance the super hero designs look simply like 3D wall decoration but its only when you get up close that you can see that they are in fact fun coat hooks !  Fingers crossed you might have less trouble asking your children to hang up their coats and clothing when they have a fun place to put them.

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