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The iconic String shelf is minimalist Scandinavian design at its finest !  Created in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning, the String shelving system has effortlessly become a timeless icon of design associated with the 20th Century.   The simple and light looking shelves have stayed the test of time and only seem to gain in popularity !

In 1949 the largest publishing house in Sweden, 'Bonnier' opened a competition to create a bookcase design.  They knew if people were buying books they would need a stylish place to keep them.  The shelf needed to be cheap, easy to assemble, and light.  Fortunately Nils Strinning had just the shelving in mind and he went on to win the contest with what would become known as the String shelves.

The whole design concept of the shelving is to be minimalistic, light on the eye and light in terms of weight and a shelving system that is easy to install and assemble.  With the String shelves you have all this ! 

At French Blossom we are excited to stock a range of the pocket String Shelves.  They come in a variety of different colours and styles so there is something for all tastes and design projects.  The simple one colour white string shelf is obviously a popular choice however maybe the pink shelving for a little Princesses bedroom is more the style you are looking for ! 

The shelves are easy to assemble and measure 50cm in height, 60cm in width and each shelf is 15cm in depth.  Each set comes with three wooden shelves and 2 wall brackets.  With the option to put the wooden horizontal shelves at many different levels, it is possible to create a really original feel to your String Shelves.  Positioning multiple String units together either in a vertical or horizontal design and with varying numbers of wooden layers will further allow users to design a system to best fit their room. 

Where can the shelving be used ?  This is totally up to the individual, only your imagination will limit you !  The shelving will look great in a office for files, in the home for books and ornaments, in your childrens bedroom for toys and books or even in the kitchen as a minimalist shelving solution for pots and pans or herbs and spices !

Each shelf has been made with a painted MDF wood and can support up to 20kg of weight.  The natural wood looking shelves have been made using ash and walnut laminate veneers.  The vertical supports on all the shelving is made with powder coated steel.  All the shelving to this day is still made in Sweden.

If you are designing your childrens bedroom or a babies nursery why not consider incorporating the wonderful String Pocket shelving into the design ?  The shelving will add a touch of chic style to any bland wall while at the same time remaining light and delicate for any room design or theme.  Where space is limited these shelves also  

Many companies over the years have tried to imitate these amazing shelves but none have come close to the original String iconic style !

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