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For over 100 years Vilac has been making toys for children.  It all started in Grenoble, in the South East of France in 1911 and remains in the same area to this day !

In the French department and mountains of Jura, the first Vilac childrens toys we lovingly turned on a lathe, shaped, polished and lacquered  from a beech tree.  Since these humble beginnings at the start of the last century, Vilac has earned its position as one of the most celebrated wooden toy makers in France and Europe.  To this day many toys are still crafted in the Jura area with wood from France. 

We fell in love with Vilac toys when we began our adventure at French Blossom and have stocked them ever since.  We started with some of the solid wooden car toys and then added a varierty of pull along toys.  Recently we added some beautiful childrens puzzles to our collection !

This toy manufacturer designs wonderful role play toys plus many fantastic musical toys for babies and children.  Take for instance the vilac piano which children can actually play and imagine themselves as the next little Mozart.  The piano has 18 little keys and even comes with some musical sheets to teach little ones basic tunes.
At French Blossom you can also find, childrens xylophones, a fun accordion, drums and the super vilac guitar for children.

In recent years Vilac has started to work with artists from around the world on certain collections!  Two  of these artists are Keith Haring and the French artist Nathalie Lete.

The Nathalie Lete  Paris puzzle and the guitar she designed are really original as is the Childrens teepee which as another collaboration between  Vilac and Nathalie Lete.

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Elmer The Elephant

Price €18.33

Elmer the Elephant is a brightly coloured wooden pull along toy made by Vilac .  A patchwork of bright and vibrant reds, greens, pinks, blues and many other colours make up this wonderful little wooden toy...

Marcel the cat

Price €22.42

Marcel the cat is an adorable wooden pull along toy for children.  Marcel is very original in design and can be pulled along with a little red ribbon. The brightly coloured red, blue, green and yellow wheels will...

Wooden xylophone

Price €18.33

We love this wooden xylophone toy for children !  With 12 brightly coloured keys and 2 wooden mallets, this toy is certain to captivate the imagination of little musicians.  The xylophone has been designed in France...