- Diapers & Milk -

When Leia Sfez, founder and artistic director of Diapers & Milk became a mum, she wanted her daughter India to feel free in her clothes so she kept dressing her in leggings. Soon after, in 2013, Leia decided to design her own leggings for her daughter and that is how Diapers and Milk is born. Since the beginning, this french brand specialized in stylish leggings for children is a success all around the world. Based in Paris, the brand known how to create a wonderful universe around its products by offering new products all along the year and keeping a great harmony between the clothes she designed and her personal clothes style.

The leggings are made with 100% biological cotton in Portugal and they are so soft and comfortable that babies and children will just love wearing them ! With their modern and minimalist style, these adorable leggings clearly are Must Have for any parents looking for stylish and uncluttered designs for their little ones. As they are unisex, Diapers and Milk leggings allow little girls as well as little boys to wear them and to have both unique and original designs in their wardrobe. Leia also had the funny idea to name her designs with cute first names and thus allowed her brand to be differenciated and be easily identifiable. You will not be able to resist Rebecca, Gauthier or Marlow !

  • 47,50 €

    This beautiful pullover from the autumn / winter collection of Diapers & Milk will please any parent looking for a simple yet refined look for their kids. Its straight and classic cut as well as its pretty grey colour make it a neutral piece of clothing that will fit both girls and boys. We like the details at the bottom of the sweater as well as its...

    47,50 €

At French Blossom, we are totally delighted by those adorable leggings designed by Diapers and Milk for your cute little ones and made from cotton in Portugal. They are incredibly soft and have been especially created to adapt little ones' moves. We love their unisex style allowing little girls as well as little boys to wear them and to have a stylish and fashionable look. You will not be able to resist those leggings and once tested, they will become your little one's favorite. They will rapidly become major clothes of your little ones' wardrobe for a contemporary and uncluttered look.