Louise Misha is a Parisian based childrens designer.  The clothing is for girls and is whimsically chic and stylish, poetic and playful.  Started by two good friends who live in Paris, the first collection of Louise Misha was in 2012.

 We first met Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet, the designers behind Louise Misha early in 2012 before their collection was released.  Their passion for detailing and childrens fashion was evident and their collection was really beautiful.  We were happy to begin our partnership that now includes not only french childrens clothes but a range of jewellery from the same designer.

So where did the name Louise Misha come from ?  Louise is the name of one of the designers grandmother while Misha was the nickname of the other designers mother !

The idea to start the brand Louise Misha really emerged from the time the twi designers went to India and were inspired by the wonderful colours and fabrics.

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