If you are looking for an original and fun carpet as a piece of room decoration for your childrens bedroom or babies nursery, look no further!  -  The French company PilePoil have come up with these irresistibly soft false fur childrens carpets that look really great.  Choose from cloud shaped carpets, star shaped carpets or round rugs.  These carpets are Made in France and are perfect if you are in need of a special finishing detail to a room. 

The company Pilepoil has been a specialist in false furs for over 60 years ! Originally based in the North of France, Pilepoil no has workshops in Pairs where the soft false fur carpets are cut and shaped, assembled and lined.  These carpets for children are so soft to the touch, are very durable and warm.  The false fur carpets come in a variety of colours from white, beige, light greys and dark greys.  We particularly like the cloud shaped carpets and the stars that you can find at our boutique.

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