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In Brittany, in the north west of France and not so far from where French Blossom is based you will find a very special French toy maker.  Over several generations the Tirot family have perfected their skills and passed down their knowledge on how to craft beautiful toy sailing boats.  It all started in 1946 when Nicolas' grandfather came up with the idea to create marvellous handmade toy boats for children.

We have partnered with Tirot from the first day we opened our shop doors at French Blossom and we continue to share with our audience our love of these wonderfully crafted handmade wooden toys.  Made in their workshops, each boat takes several hours of careful and detailed labour, from the carving of the wooden bases to the stitching of the cotton sails.  The varnished wooden decks of the larger sail boats down to the stylish port holes along the sides - the detailing of each toy is excellent !

The family business always chooses wood from local, sustainably harvested forests as environmental awareness and preservation is key in the design process.

Painted and varnished in high quality materials, it is hard to deny that these toy sail boats look great !  But how well do they sail ?

All the sail boats have been designed and weighted to sail beautifully.  The large metal weight in the bottom of the hull allows the handmade toy boats to glide gracefully across ponds and lakes.  The smaller wooden toy boats with flat bottoms are more suited to little ponds or even a s a toy in the bath.

Whether the boats are being sailed on a lake or presented as original room decoration , they look superb.  The large sail boats have a specifically designed wooden stand allowing them to stand upright on a mantel piece or book shelf.

In 2012 the Tirot company won the prestigious award for 'Prix a la Création' which is an award for a best designed product from Brittany. 

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