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Play and Go is a Belgian company which offers ingenious products with cheerful colours for kids and for you. For this company, children's happiness is primordial and putting a smile on their little faces is their leitmotiv. At Play & Go, the emphasis is put upon being creative and playful, as well as on the quality of their products so they can last a long time.

At French Blossom, we love this kid decoration brand, and especially their first product, which encounters a worldwide success: the Play & Go toys storage bag. The ingenuity of this product lays in its double use: from a play mat, it can change into a bag in only a few seconds. With Play & Go, say goodbye to endless hours of tidying and to hide-and-seek games with toys your kid inevitably asks you to find. Moreover, its large diameter of 140 cm makes it a perfect comfy play mat for your little ones.

From plush toys to Lego, little soldiers and dolls, nothing resists to the Play & Go bag. Guaranteed 3 years and made with a good quality cotton fabric, it will withstand every trip you go on with.

Practical, it changes in only a few seconds: you only have to tighten the strings located on the outer circle of the mat and you’re done. Your kid will be able to play wherever he wants without needing to move all his toys one by one: in his room, the living room, at his grand-parents’ and even at his friends’. Whether being for holidays, a week-end or just an afternoon, you can carry it easily thanks to its lightness: put it in a suitcase, a large backpack or simply carry it by hand. This bag’s storage is as simple: put on the floor or suspended to a coat hook, it only takes 1 or 2 minutes to take it away and it can then become a lovely part of your room decoration. Thanks to its great capacity, this bag is perfect for parents looking for an easy and nice looking storage solution but also for kinder garden storage rooms and play rooms.

Its large choice of colours and patterns enables this bag to adapt to any style of decoration. From classical to geometrical patterns, moustaches or anchors, there is one for everyone. And for the first time since the company was created, in September 2015, Play & Go made a partnership with 3 well-known designers in order to create even more original storage bags.

The first design was created by Bakker Made With Love. Made in a lovely turquoise colour with stylish white and red badminton shuttlecock, this bag will please kids and grown-ups thanks to its simplicity and originality. And why not pair it with a school bag of the brand? Your little one will then have his toy bag and school bag so he can bring all his important things with him.

The second design is made by My Name is Simone. Featuring her famous Super Hero pattern full of super powers and great adventures that will please any little boy, this bag can inspire hours of game. And what’s best for our Super Hero in learning than a sidekick to help them? With this Super Zero doll as a companion, rest assured that saving the world will be quite interesting!

Finally, the third design showcases the lovely panda pattern created by Eef Lillemore. Its plain colour makes it perfect for any style of decoration and will embellish any room you choose to put it in. The pandas and their soft expression invite you in a poetic and dreamy world. And so you can dream a little longer, the origami boat lamp from Goodnight Light is the perfect companion. Embark on a great journey that will take you wherever you want to go.

If you are looking for an ingenious and stylish storage solution, the Play & Go bags are made for you! Their practicality and their pretty and varied patterns make them the perfect companion for your child’s hours of game. We give in to these toy storage bags that will soon be a classic.

T H E  I N T E R V I E W

With the founder of Play and Go - Alain

1. What was the first Play and Go design that you came up with and which is your favourite pattern and why ?               

We tried many different materials and the first print was the pink Diamond. Our favourite print is the Panda – it is a little bit hypnotic!

2. What was the most challenging aspect as you launched your business and when you initially started creating the toy storage bags ?               

The legal part and protecting our designs worldwide. To get the correct marketing that connects the brands with the end users.
Also to find a correct price with a perfect quality. We could make the storage bags 20% cheaper but the quality is our priority.  All products has been TUV tested – the biggest challenge was to meet the quality requirements to start up in Korea & Japan. And yes we managed.

3. How and where do you draw inspiration for a new pattern  or bag ?
I travel a lot from Asia to Scandinavia – so this gives me so many ideas!

4. Which was your first partnership / collaboration with another designer and can you give us an insight into how you choose the specific pattern ?       

This was with Bakker Made with Love. They are great people to work with and designed for us the Badminton Pattern.  Japanese customers see mount Fuji. some see a tipi tent but in fact the pattern is  a badminton rock.
Also Eef Lillimor and My Name is Simone are great artists to work with. Have a look at their collections.They are just great !

5. What do you love most about having your own business ?                

Talking with people with different cultures from Kuwait to Australia – France- Japan.

6. With Play and Go a family business, do you have specific roles on a day to day basis ?

Just drink a cocktail at the pool! ;-) so easy doing a business, (just joking)
We have a team but I’m in charge of the key accounts worldwide and for setting up new distribution channels.

7.  Do you have any exciting new projects you are currently working on that you could just give a teaser about ?                

We have a lot but our focus is new to give the customer the widest range of bags with nice and stylish patterns.
We will also be making a Play&Go in a fashion print!