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Tiny Cottons is a young Spanish company created in 2012 by Barb Bruno. Located in Barcelona, this fashion brand for babies and children stand out from its competitors thanks to its off-the-wall style and its designs as graphic as they are funny. Their motto: high quality products, neat designs and above all, fun! Liked as much in Spain as in the rest of the world, Tiny Cottons is ideal for children going from 6 months to 4 years old.

Every piece of clothing is made with care and love in Peruvian pima cotton, known for its very good quality, its durability and its absorbent power. It can resist repeated washing in the machine without deforming or wearing out. But these characteristics are not the only advantages. The clothes are also very soft and super comfortable for your little ones. Indeed, the team at Tiny Cottons never loses sight who their creations are made for, and thus, offers long-lasting clothes in which your child will be able to live his / her child’s life, meaning, playing without ever being annoyed by their t-shirt or legging.

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Many Words Dress - Orange

Price €60.00

Wow, we love this super original dress from  Tiny Cottons ! With a pretty dark salmon colour that warms up the atmosphere, its pattern of small English sentences definitely adds a nice...