- Poudre Organic -

Poudre Organic is a young brand created in 2014 by a Mum from Auxerre : Manon. She is really interested in ecology, loves nature and is enthusiastic about children’s fashion, which is why she decided to start a new adventure called Poudre Organic.

She started by launching a range of swaddling clothes then, happy with her success, broadened the range so she could offer bodysuits, pyjamas, bibs but also dummy bags, changing mat covers and many others.

In order to stay true to her philosophy, Manon only uses cotton from organic agriculture and produces her clothes and accessories in France and Portugal for their know-how in organic baby clothing. The quality of the fabrics used enables to create really soft pieces and the seam and label, always located on the outside of the clothes, guarantee comfort for your little ones.

At French Blossom, we love the ingenuity in the making of the clothes and the powdered colours used by this Mum full of good ideas. She brings us into her universe made of gentleness and love, for children as well as for nature.

The softness of the clothes, and their comfort, are a great plus for your small ones which are then surrounded by a cocoon of warmth and love. The adorable patterns that we can find on their creations bring a touch of dream that will accompany your kids during the day as well as during the night.

After a few partnerships with designers such as , this year, Manon join forces with Mathilde Cabanas, known for her soft “Bisou”. This collaboration, born from a mutual love at first sight for their respective products and universes is at the origin of a beautiful capsule collection containing 4 pieces of clothing matching perfectly. Answering by the lovely name “Bisou”, it includes a bodysuit, a legging, a jean jacket and a t-shirt, created in a mischievous spirit filled with love that will fit little girls as well as little boys.

This comfortable collection for your children, easy to match with different styles of clothing, is made while respecting Poudre Organic’s philosophy: each piece is made with organic and natural fabrics in Porto, Portugal, and the dyes and embroideries are certified Oeko-Tex and GOTS. Thus, the adorable jean jacket “Bisou” did not went through chemical treatment and its fading is made in a entirely natural and ecological way.

This collection, available in February, mixes the best from both brands in order to offer you clothes as adorable as practical that will please every Mum concerned with dressing their kids comfortably with style. The materials used respect your child’s skin and nature in a perfect harmony.

Hesitate no more and give in to this very lovely limited edition designed by the brilliant Mum from Poudre Organic and Mathilde Cabanas. Whether it be with the t-shirt, the legging, the jean jacket from the collection “Bisou” or the three of them, surround your small one with warmth and tenderness!