- Rylee & Cru -

The very delicate and poetic clothing brand Rylee & Cru was created in 2014 in California by the talented illustrator Kelli Murray. The birth of Rylee & Cru takes it origin in a growing desire of the young mum to create a clothing brand for children. Indeed, she couldn’t find anywhere clothes with colours and patterns that were satisfying her love for aesthetic and neutral designs. To this desire is added a certain interest for fashion and art, and a love for illustration and pattern creation. However, it is only when she became a mother that Kelli decided to make her dream come true. With her experience in fashion design and merchandising in her pocket, and her newly acquired maturity, she started this adventure. She then created her company which name is none other than her kids’: Rylee and Cru.

This little American company is quite family-oriented since it is with the creator’s father that the fabrication of the clothes began. Indeed, he owned a screen printing factoring for a little more than 30 years then and naturally became a partner in printing the patterns on the fabrics. The proximity approach stayed essential at Rylee & Cru since the company works with a Californian factory. Every piece is produced in the United-States.

The quality is also in the choice of fabrics and the methods used. Every piece is made 100% out of slub jersey and was hand garment dyed. This process pre-shrinks the clothes and gives them a soft and vintage feel. It is important for Kelli because kids’ clothes are, before everything else, made to be worn all day, inside or outside the house. They have to be comfortable and versatile. Moreover, kids do stain their clothes which are then frequently washed. This is why Rylee & Cru pieces can be washed and dried in the machine over and over again without having to fear any shrinking or fading of colours.

Moreover, thanks to their modern and comfy cuts, and the softness of the fabrics used, the clothes of the small Californian company make dressing time as easy for little ones as it is for parents! These garments can be slipped on in seconds and can resist every movement your child makes during the day without annoying him.

At French Blossom, we love these clothes that combine practicality, comfort and aesthetic. The collections from Rylee & Cru are filled with poetry thanks to a perfect mix between soft colours, harmonious lines and pretty patterns. These clothes release a feeling of organic softness that will immediately take you to Kelli Murray’s beautiful universe who created all the patterns. We love these timeless colours that send us back to childhood in a dreamy and soft way.

Perfect as basics, these pieces will match numerous fashion styles and will bring finesse and poetry in your children’s outfit. Give in to this lovely American brand that will never stop to enchant you!