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Naïf, a young Dutch brand that sells care products for the skin of the young ones, was created by 2 friends and dads: Sjoerd et Jochem. The idea came up when they both learned that they were going to be fathers. Then they started to be interested in the labels on children skincare products and quickly realized that they were mostly incomprehensible… And thus, that they could hide nasty ingredients that might be dangerous for kids’ delicate skin.

And then, they created Naïf, a brand for which every product is composed by known ingredients that have pronounceable names. Indeed, what is better to care for the young skin of babies than creams and oils made of what Nature has best for us? Thus, you can find among the ingredients: cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, chamomile (bisabolol), macadamia oil or avocado oil. What you will not find in this range of products caring for babies from hair to toes? Nasty ingredients such as mineral oils, paraben or allergenic perfumes.

  • 13,33 €

    Your little one's skin is a bit dry? Then this softening baby body lotion made by Naïf is your solution. Specially developed for the delicate and sensitive skin of children, it can be used every day. Its pleasant texture is ideal for moisturising your children’s dry skin and to stop any discomfort due to an irritated skin. This cream is made with...

    13,33 €
  • 13,33 €

    This nurturing baby cream created by Naïf will quickly become your ally to sooth the irritations and dryness of your little one's skin.Thanks to its active ingredients, this cream does not only help repairing the irritated skin but also protects it against aggression the sensitive skin of your child can endure daily.This cream can be used on the...

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  • 13,33 €

    The calming baby bath oil created by Naïf softly cleans and softens the dry skin of your little one. You only have to pour it gently into the bathwater and it helps sooth and reduce the itching feeling that can be linked to it.Once poured, the oil makes the water milky without leaving a greasy layer. Thus, your baby's skin is not slippery between your...

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    You want to escape to more sunny places this summer? Whether it be near the sea or in the country side, you will not be able to let this baby essential go: the protecting sunscreen from Naïf! This cream with a protection factor of 50 was specifically developed for the sensitive skin of babies and young children. Made with natural ingredients such as shea...

    15,83 €

The two dads of Naïf, through their brand, committed to offer only dermatologically tested products with a neutral Ph. They only offer hypoallergenic products without allergenic perfumes; products without any dangerous ingredients and with mild formulas specially developed by the best experts for you kids.

At French Blossom, we love this philosophy soft for children that helps parents get over the hard task of finding skincare products good for young ones. We love the funny and adorable packaging that reminds us of children drawings so we can keep just a bit longer our child’s spirit.

This way of thinking is quite dear to the two founders: they like looking at the adult world with children’s eyes. It offers a refreshing perspective and a dash of humour that will please both grown-ups and young. Naïf likes to deal seriously with children products while keeping a mischievous and childish tone.

Among the products of the brand, you will find bath, change or holiday essentials that make the particularity of the brand. You can thus discover in our shop the sunscreen cream, practical for days spent outside without risking a sun burn!

The sweet smell of shampoo and washing gel will not be without reminding you of moisturizing and nourishing cream also available at Naïf. Still made with natural ingredients, these products are ideal to wash and cosset your baby. A small redness on your little one’s skin? Quick, apply the nourishing cream. Or a little irritation appears because of diapers? Then you can take the diaper cream to appease your baby. And to deeply moisturise a dry skin, nothing better than the soothing baby oil!

To each little ache there is a remedy with the natural skincare baby products from Naïf. Discover the complete range and buy without hesitation!