Natural Baby Skincare

- Natural Baby Skincare -

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    Enjoy bath time with the gorgeous new Bath Foam of Minois Paris ! This natural gentle bathing foam by minois paris is enriched with organic orange blossom water and organic honey leaving skin feeling clean and soft with a delicate fragrance. Ideal for calming and relaxing moment. Specially formulated not to harm baby and toddler’s delicate skin....

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    Last Item! You will fall for this baby cream created in France by Minois Paris. This french designer made for you 100% natural products to take care of your babies and child's skin. This soft and moisturizing cream for face and skin is made of floral water, organic orange blossom, organic karite butter and organic sweet almond oil to moisturize and leave...

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    Last Item! Here is an all new collection at French Blossom, Minois Paris and its natural baby skincare. The designer put a lot into this brand to give to every mom made in France natural products to take care of their baby and child. You can't resist this very soft baby wash gel for hair and skin she designed for you. This product is gentle enough even...

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    It's important to French Blossom to make known this alcohol free delicate baby water spray created by Minois Paris. Hélène, this french brand's designer and mom made for you 100% natural products to take care of your little ones' skin. Thus, she created this delicate water for baby which will appease his skin and surround him with softness. Once tested,...

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    Your little one's skin is a bit dry? Then this softening baby body lotion made by Naïf is your solution. Specially developed for the delicate and sensitive skin of children, it can be used every day. Its pleasant texture is ideal for moisturising your children’s dry skin and to stop any discomfort due to an irritated skin. This cream is made with...

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    The soothing baby oil developed by Naïf was specially created for dry and sensible baby skins.It penetrates the little ones' skin quickly without leaving a greasy film afterwards. Thus, this moisturising oil reinforces the natural protections of the skin thanks to a combination of natural plant oils (cotton and chamomile) and fatty acids without being...

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    The calming baby bath oil created by Naïf softly cleans and softens the dry skin of your little one. You only have to pour it gently into the bathwater and it helps sooth and reduce the itching feeling that can be linked to it.Once poured, the oil makes the water milky without leaving a greasy layer. Thus, your baby's skin is not slippery between your...

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    You want to escape to more sunny places this summer? Whether it be near the sea or in the country side, you will not be able to let this baby essential go: the protecting sunscreen from Naïf! This cream with a protection factor of 50 was specifically developed for the sensitive skin of babies and young children. Made with natural ingredients such as shea...

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    You don't know which brand to choose when it comes to baby shampoo that won't irritate the fragile skin of your little one? Naïf developed the solution for you. Its nourishing shampoo was specially made for the delicate scalp and hair of your baby thanks to a soap-free formula. Made with natural ingredients such as cottonseed extract and gluten free...

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  • 11,00 €

    The cleansing baby wash gel created by Naïf was specially made for the delicate skin of your little ones thanks to its soap-free formula. This gel does not irritate baby's skin and it doesn't sting his / her eyes in case of projection. This mild formula washes gently while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film for a soft and smooth skin. This...

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    Diapers, although they are really practical, can sometimes irritate the delicate behind of your children. Naïf thought about it and came up with a solution to stop the little unpleasant rashes: a diaper cream. Made with natural ingredients, it helps preventing and recovering the baby skin from diaper rash. This cream is enriched with Vitamin E and...

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    This nurturing baby cream created by Naïf will quickly become your ally to sooth the irritations and dryness of your little one's skin.Thanks to its active ingredients, this cream does not only help repairing the irritated skin but also protects it against aggression the sensitive skin of your child can endure daily.This cream can be used on the...

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    Kerzon’s fragranced laundry soap is produced in France, in the heart of Provence, according to a traditional method based on natural and biodegradable Oils. Conceived for all-purpose laundering, it preserves the beauty of your favorite clothes and is kind to your skin, even the most sensitive. Enriched with organic Orange-Flower Water as all the Minois...

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    This gentle soap is the little newcomer from Minois Paris. Made with natural ingredients, it will be perfect for your little ones. Enriched with shea butter known to be hydrating and protecting, and organic honey and orange blossom known for their soothing and calming properties, this soap will gently clean even the most sensitive skins.No paraben -...

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    With this lovely candle, you can now perfume your house with the delicate scent of Minois Paris. We love its vegetal wax, cotton wick and allergen-free fragrance. Do not let burn without monitoring. Keep away from children. Place the candle on a flat surface. Burn time : 35 hours

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