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Since more than 30 years, Plan Toys takes very seriously into account the theme of sustainable development. This is why this great Thai company offers not only adorable activity wooden toys but also respects quite strict procedures turned toward the appreciation of Nature and its integration in the creation and fabrication process of the products.

For Plan Toys, a company must always contribute positively to the development of the world and towns surrounding the factories. It is with these guidelines in mind that the company develops products and activities and that, from just a green company, it became little by little a sustainable company. According to Plan Toys, the “sustainable play” encompasses the way their toys cultivate creativity and bring the children closer to Nature. These kids will then be able to grow with the knowledge, the appreciation and the respect of natural resources that need to be preserved for future generations. Thanks to these principles, Plan Toys grew a worldwide recognition and transmits its philosophy through beautiful wooden toys.

  • 16,67 €

    This lovely baby rattle designed by Plan Toys will help baby develop their skills and dexterity. We love its nice soft colors and wooden pearls.Suitable from 4 months old Composition : wood Dimensions : 11,5x9,5x8,5 cm

    16,67 €
  • 25,00 €

    Please stand clear for start ! The bunny racing car by Plan Toys is ready to race ! We love its adorable bunny pilot and soft pink color. It will bring hours of fun for your little one !Suitable from 1 y.o. Composition : wood Dimensions : 12x18x10 cm

    25,00 €
  • 29,17 €

    With this lovely racing car designed by Plan Toys, give your little one hours of fun ! We love its adorable cheetah pilot and its nice blue color.Suitable from 1 y.o. Composition : wood Dimensions : 18x10x12 cm

    29,17 €
  • 17,50 €

    Your child will be able to do exactly like the gown-ups around him / her and take beautiful pictures thanks to this superb wooden camera made by Plan Toys. Its moving lens and its button on which you can push gives a very realistic feel to this beautiful wooden toy. We like its pretty bright colours that give it a very childlike and cheerful feeling. We...

    17,50 €
  • 28,33 €

    This set of little activity wooden blocks made by Plan Toys for your child is simply amazing! In addition to being pretty with their bright colours, they help develop numerous skills for young ones. We can thus find 3 blocks developing the vision thanks to a mirror, a kaleidoscope and a magnifying glass. These are the white cubes. 3 others develop the...

    28,33 €
  • 24,17 €

    Bath time becomes super fun for your little one thanks to these little sea animals made by Plan Toys. Made out of rubber tree wood, they will be perfect as a first bath toy for your child! They will keep your baby busy while having fun thanks to the small bubbles that appears as soon as you fill them up with water. And to start over once they are full,...

    24,17 €
  • 18,33 €

    Your little one will be able to win any imaginary boat race taking place in his / her bath with this adorable speed boat created by Plan Toys. Made out of rubber tree wood, it floats on water and can thus be grabbed fairly easily by your child. Its little driver can slide in and out of this boat, depending on what your child wants. We love the soft and...

    18,33 €
  • 18,33 €

    Your little one will be able to transform your bathtub into the coral barrier and go on an exploration there thanks to this adorable little submarine made by Plan Toys.Made with rubber tree wood, we love its soft and smooth surface as well as the beautiful colours used to paint this submarine.It propeller turns when the toys is moving in the water...

    18,33 €
  • 16,67 €

    Your little one can imagine being on a scientific trip to Antarctica alongside this adorable little polar bear.Made out of rubber tree wood by Plan Toys, the mast can be taken off or put in depending on which story your little one wants to tell. We especially like the combining of white and deep turquoise that fit very well together.With a soft...

    16,67 €
  • 16,67 €

    This pretty boat accompanied by a little seal by Plan Toys will become the best game companions of your child.He / She can go on adventures around the world with them. The mast can be taken off by calm weather or put on if the wind starts to blow in the imaginary world of your little one.This little boat floats to be more easily grabbed by little...

    16,67 €
  • 16,67 €

    Go on an expedition on the ice field was never easier thanks to the amazing team your little one and this adorable penguin on its boat makes! Its pretty red colour and its soft and smooth surface make it a beautiful wooden toy designed by Plan Toys. The mast is also removable depending on the adventures your little one is part of in his / her imaginary...

    16,67 €
  • 10,83 €

    This wooden telephone is designed by Plan Toys. Its magnifying glass screen and its colored keyboard will make this object at the top of the list of your little one's favorite toys ! It will be a pleasure for him to act as Mum and Dad. This toy is eco-friendly, made of rubber tree and hasn't any chemical product. This toy will be perfect for your child...

    10,83 €
  • 12,50 €

    Piou the racer cock is designed by Plan Toys. It is made for the little ones hands. They surely fall in love with this lovely toy. Made of rubber tree wood, and non-chemical products, this toy is respectful of children but also the environment. You can also find Pio's friends Bunny and Ducky with their car.Dimensions : 9,1 x 8,8 x 10 cm Color :...

    12,50 €

Plan Toys toys are made from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and that are part of a reforestation programme. To keep this wood pure, no chemical has been used on the soil 3 years prior to the cut of the trees. There are also no chemicals involved in the drying process of the wood. No formaldehyde glue is used to assemble the toys, the pigments are entirely naturals and the paints are water-based, without any heavy metals or dangerous products. Your child can play without any risks and it is all the more important because little ones begin to discover the world with their mouths. The packagings are environmental friendly thanks to the use of recycled materials and soy ink. The wood remnants following the fabrication of the products are also not lost since they are used to produce electricity for the factory as well the surrounding villages.

Not only are they eco-responsible, the beautiful toys created by Plan Toys, while having fun, help develop your child’s skills. Depending on the toys you choose to offer to your little one, these toys will help develop physical, social, intellectual or language skills. We can thus find among the main skills hearing, motor, touch, imagination, concentration, creativity or communication.

At French Blossom, we give in without a second of hesitation to Plan Toys’ superb activity blocks. Composed by 9 brightly coloured little cubes, they will help baby develop his / her hearing, view and touch. He / She will then discover the feeling of touching velvet, the noise that make small bells or see through a magnifying glass. Entirely made with wood, these beautiful little cubes will make a great activity to keep your little one busy or a beautiful baby gift for young parents!

We also like the beautiful bath toys collection that Plan Toys offers us! Whether it be the small submarine, the sea animals or the little sailing boats, they will brighten up bath time without a doubt!

Discover the beautiful wooden toys made by Plan Toys which will surely please anyone you decide to offer them, friends or you little munchkins!