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Since more than 30 years, Plan Toys takes very seriously into account the theme of sustainable development. This is why this great Thai company offers not only adorable activity wooden toys but also respects quite strict procedures turned toward the appreciation of Nature and its integration in the creation and fabrication process of the products.

For Plan Toys, a company must always contribute positively to the development of the world and towns surrounding the factories. It is with these guidelines in mind that the company develops products and activities and that, from just a green company, it became little by little a sustainable company. According to Plan Toys, the “sustainable play” encompasses the way their toys cultivate creativity and bring the children closer to Nature. These kids will then be able to grow with the knowledge, the appreciation and the respect of natural resources that need to be preserved for future generations. Thanks to these principles, Plan Toys grew a worldwide recognition and transmits its philosophy through beautiful wooden toys.

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My First Camera

Price €17.50

Your child will be able to do exactly like the gown-ups around him / her and take beautiful pictures thanks to this superb wooden camera made by   Plan Toys . Its moving lens and its button on which you can push...

Speed Boat

Price €18.33

Your little one will be able to win any imaginary boat race taking place in his / her bath with this adorable speed boat created by Plan Toys . Made out of rubber tree wood, it floats on water and can thus be...

Coast Guard Boat

Price €18.33

Your little one will be able to save swimmers and fishermen in danger thanks to this great guard boat and its driver made by Plan Toys ! With his inflatable jacket, this little character will be the...


Price €18.33

Your little one will be able to transform your bathtub into the coral barrier and go on an exploration there thanks to this adorable little submarine made by Plan Toys . Made with rubber tree wood, we love...

Sailing Boat Penguin

Price €16.67

Go on an expedition on the ice field was never easier thanks to the amazing team your little one and this adorable penguin on its boat makes! Its pretty red colour and its soft and smooth surface make it a...