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We don't only give pride of place to kids ! We also want to please women and that's why we offer you the perfect hot drinks to go well with the delicious french chocolate of our Women corner ! Infusions created by L'infuseur are finally joining for our enjoyment our talented designers !

The brand's purpose ? To restore herbal tea's image and position it as a modern and contemporary drink. Céline, Nicolas, Stéphanie and Catherine, the 4 young designers of the brand perfectly rised to this challenge. Those friends and "anonymous tea-drinkers" modernized herbal tea and made of it a chic and quality drink for men and women. They used twice as much imagination to create infusions as delicious as amazing to treat you to a meal.

If you are a tea-drinker but still looking for a surprizing and delicious recipe, you are in the right place. No more prejudices, the much talked about hot drink is trendy again thanks to this beautiful french brand which designed for you 4 new and tasty recipes. We chose for you the Delight, Calm, Detox and Digestive infusions for unique moments of calm and relaxation.

Tea lovers will be delighted by these original and unique recipes which will rapidly become your favorite hot drinks. If you like fruity, scented, floral or spicy flavors, you will find what you are looking for among all these wonderful infusions.

  • 15,90 €

    Here is the perfect infusion to end your lunch on a high note ! You will feel lighter thanks to this delicious herbal tea created for you by L'Infuseur. Rose's floral notes and cinnamon and thyme's spicy flavors go beautifully together in this scented infusion ! We love it ! It would also be an original gift idea for the one you love. Box of 80g...

    15,90 €

Food lovers will fall for the fruity and sweet scents of the Delight infusion, whereas the ones looking for lightness will be enchanted by the natural flavors of the Detox one. What's better than the Calm recipe and its citrus fruit and honeybush scents for relaxing nights ? We love it ! Finally, the Digestive one will be perfect to end your lunch on a high note thanks to its rose and cinnamon's spicy and floral notes. Ideal to feel lighter after a family meal !

At French Blossom, this young parisian brand is our favorite ! Healthy and pleasant tones are present in the ingredients of these delicious infusions elegantly presented in wonderful minimalist boxes. An original gift idea for your bestfriend, your mom or the one you love.

Women finding beauty in simplicity will not be able to resist these quality creations beautifully bringing infusions up to date. Served with a square of chocolate or biscuits, these new recipes promise unique and relaxing moments.

Discover this brand which wants your own good on Frenchblossom.com and enjoy its wonderful infusions with abandon !