- Heimess -

Since 50 years, Heimess creates toys and baby accessories of high quality, with a fun and learning aspect to them.

Specialised in early learning toys, this lovely German brand offers a range of products that help develop your baby's senses such as hearing, view, touch but not only. These products also help developing the motor function, coordination, creativity and imagination of your little one. Among the bestsellers of the brand, we find colourful rattles with little bells, dummy holders as fun as they are practical or baby gyms to stimulate your child.

Heimess produces, since its creation, all its products in Germany, in Vaihingen, near Stuttgart. A great amount of the production is handmade in order to access a high level of quality. In addition, in this search of excellent quality, every toy and accessory is verified in independent control centres solicited by the company. Everything is tested: the resistance, the chemical residues, the safety… The toys are thus riskless: metallic pieces do not contain nickel and no formaldehyde enters the composition of the glues used. The varnishes and paints are non-toxic, water-based and saliva-resistant. Enough to guarantee a product that will not disappoint!

The favourite raw material of the brand to make beautiful toys? Wood, and this, for multiple reasons. Whether it be for the pleasant noise such toys make, the ease of their maintenance or their properties enabling allergic or with a weak immune system children to play with, this material is ideal for little ones. Moreover, Heimess uses only natural materials and the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. We can thus found in the composition of the toys beech, oak, hazel tree or maple. The choice of these types of wood is not insignificant since beech and maple woods are considered as tender which enables your child to make his / her teeth without crumbling the toy.

At French Blossom, we give in to the beautiful baby gyms created by the brand. With their adjustable height and their funny patterns, we find them absolutely perfect to start developing your little one’s senses while having fun. Whether it be with the mermaid or the lady bug, the little hanged decorations and the rings located on the sides will please your baby. And the little plus? Placed in the living room, these baby gyms will make a great decorative item!

You don’t have the space to get a baby gym or you are rather looking for something easily moved so you can take it with you during a week-end outside or well-deserved holidays? Then you can choose the charming rings and rattles made by the brand. The bright colours and friendly patterns, combined with the little bells, make them your perfect ally during any trip!

Finally, we cannot resist to the dummy holders that are as pretty as they are practical. Thanks to them, you can say farewell to numerous tears due to a lost dummy. Thanks to these holders, it will never go too far.

Do not hesitate a second longer and discover our selection of Heimess products that will please parents looking for beautiful early learning wooden toys!