- Be-poles -

  • 10,83 €

    The famous paper bag by the brand Be-pôles is now on Frenchblossom ! Minimalist, design and convenient the paper bag would be perfect for a children room, to put his toys or his pyjamas, or in a living room to put a nice green plant in it (like a cactus for example) or some scarves or hat !  The paper bag is inspired by the kraft paper bag used by...

    10,83 €
  • 13,75 €

    Bigger than the classical paper bag by Be-Pôles, the brown paper bag is at the same time a nice solution of storage and a design accessorize ! It is the perfect size to put a green plant in it, and also to put the scarves of all the family or the toys of all the children. We love its roots design which would be perfect in a living room or in a bedroom....

    13,75 €
  • 11,67 €

    The cloth bag by Be-Pôles is the perfect tote bag to put all your life in it ! We all know that when you become a mother you need to have multiple bag to carry on multiple staff (and even when you are not a mother :)). The cloth bag is the ideal solution to be stylish in every circumstances. We love its minimalistic design and its huge capacity ! The...

    11,67 €