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  • 115,83 €

    This cute doll's house, designed by Le Toy Van, is a wooden doll's house called Sweetheart cottage. This lovely doll's house is a pink and white doll's house. It is delivered with 32 accesorizes and furnitures to play with it. It is for sure the dream gift for a little girl !

    115,83 €
  • 115,83 €

    This cute doll's house, deisgned by le Toy Van, is a wooden doll's house in pink. The lovely My First Dreamhouse is a wooden pink doll's house with two floors. It came with 30 furnitures and accessorizes but with no dolls. It has hearts, flowers and stars motifs on it. It will be the dreamhouse for a little girl.

    115,83 €
  • 17,50 €

    This lovely tree top stacker, designed by Le Toy Van, is a wonderfull toy for a little girl or for a little boy ! The tree top stacker is a green tree with a bird on its nest on the top. It will be perfect to learn the form and to play with !

    17,50 €
  • 8,25 €

    This cute little puzzle, designed by Le Toy Van, is a wooden three pieces puzzle which represents a little owl. The Owly Woo 3 pieces  puzzles will be perfect for a little girl or a little girl to play with !

    8,25 €
  • 11,67 €

    This super cute blocks, designed by Le Toy Van, are wooden blocks to stack together. The Little Leaf Blocks will be perfect for a little girl or a little bor to play with, with their pastel colors and their different illustrations on each side !

    11,67 €
  • 16,25 €

    This cute little puzzle , designed by Le Toy Van, is a wooden puzzle in the shape of a tunnel which represent a momma bear. The Momma bear tunnel puzzle will be perfect for little girls and little boys with its fun and original design.

    16,25 €
  • 30,00 €

    This cute little train, designed by Le Toy Van, is a train with rabbits and carrots on it. The Bunny train is the perfect wooden toy to learn to count with the interchangeables carrots and rabbits.

    30,00 €
  • 33,25 €

    This cute shape sorter, designed by Le Toy Van, is a wooden shape sorter which represent Noah on his ark with his animals. This lovely shape sorter will be perfect for your child to learn the differents shapes thanks to the hole in the boat which have the shapes of the differents animals. The ark came with 7 pairs of different animals.

    33,25 €
  • 26,67 €

    This lovely wooden toy, designed by Le Toy Van, is Noah's balancing ark with his animals on it. This cute ark is a balancing ark in wood. Children will love to play with it, to stack animals on it and try not to make them fall. This ark is delivered with 5 pairs of animals.

    26,67 €
  • 40,83 €

    A perfect toy to developp dexterity and eye coordination. Each cube is unique, discover them all with this multi sensory toy. It is a great gift to stimulate young mind !

    40,83 €
  • 20,83 €

    A set of 9 animals to stack. Who will stack the highest ? This toy will definitely develop your kid dexterity and will provide many moments of pure fun !

    20,83 €
  • 26,67 €

    A classic pounding game with a lovely bunny hammer and featuring 5 little mushrooms. This game will develop your child coordination and dexterity with fun !

    26,67 €
  • 30,00 €

    A lovely puzzle made of blocks from different shapes to compose a lovely woodland scenery including a hedgehog, a fox or an owl. This an ideal gift for a first birthday.

    30,00 €