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Les Fils is a house of French creations where poetry, elegance and quality are the key words.

Each item is designed with style, excellence, and an attention to the practical, then, worked with the hand in a workshop in France.

The collections are originals with a character touch. Luxury which holds in the hand for our greater pleasure !

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Case - Marius

Price €24.17

This pretty  Marius case from Les Fils brand will be quickly our must-have. Its light print and its sensitive details give style and a very summer touch. We wants to put it all our small business and to take it...

Case - Flore

Price €24.17

Les Fils is designed Flore , a practical small case . It is decorated with elegance from a light plumetis and with a floral spirit from a set of sparkling small flowers. It prepares us with excellence for the...

High case - Marius

Price €29.17

Les Fils  offers a new format of its iconic Marius case . Marius transforms itself in a lovely high case. It keeps its practical side with the possibility of being able to transport lotions, shampoos and freezing...

High case - Flore

Price €29.17

Les Fils changed its Flore case in a pretty  high case . It keeps its very floral spirit with a set of sparkling small flowers and its practical size with the possibility of being able to put lotions, shampoos and...