- Eponyme -

In constant research to find the right shoes, the great duo, Marie and Thibault, started from this obsession to design a French brand as original as feminine. Eponyme was born !

The collections want to be more unique and stylized than the preceding collections. We find sparkling colors, creative materials and small details making the singular items. After thinking in Paris, the items are designed in the hand and in small series of the heritage from the Portuguese workshops. 

We wear of style and grace in finding the right match for their needs with Eponyme.

  • 170,00 €

    Eponyme fives pride the splendid Princess Diana designing a Salome shoe as charming as timeless. It is decorated of a soft camber and a subtle sole soaring the silhouette and giving an amazing stability. The details are very feminine. Each unique item is handmade. The lovely Alma is perfect to cross the summer with style and elegance.Detail : Heel...

    170,00 €
  • 165,00 €

    Eponyme fives pride the charming Italian region imagining a sandal decorated of a comfortable heel and of very artistic details with Tuscany's colors. Each unique item is handmade. The bold Tuscany is perfect to frolic with grace during the summer. Detail : Heel of 7,5 cm Material : Yoke of fabric and buck, lining and shoe sole 100% leather - Handmade...

    165,00 €
  • 160,00 €

    The nocturnal Queens from by Eponyme brand alludes to nuances from the New-York's borough decorating a dark and timeless black and a subtle golden border giving light and elegance. A small heel follows the stiletto. Each unique item is handmade. It will make us cross the summer with style and comfort. Detail : Heel of 5 cm Material : Buck and border in...

    160,00 €