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Here at French Blossom, we think that being beautiful on the outside is as important as being beautiful on the inside. That's why our beauty selection includes brands that we don't only love because of what they do, but also because of how they do it.

To take care of your skin, the body and face scrubs Terre de Mars are a must-have. Formulated without chemical products, they also are vegan and cruelty free. The face masks by Malou & Marius, made in the west of France, are perfect to moisturize and relax your skin.

Discover some new cosmetics ritual with the solid perfumes created by Sabé Masson, halfway between a perfume and a care product, and the solid deodorant by Fine.

Handmade in France, the toiletry bags Les Fils will be perfect to store your make up brushes created by Bacha. These brushes and handmade in France, with beech, a non-polluting wood.

You will also find the unavoidable portuguese brand, Benamor, and their offer of hand and body creams, soap and sets. Among their 4 fragrances, you will definitely find your own !

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Anna nail polish

Price €7.50

The nail polish Anna created by Nailmatic is a lovely light pink nail polish, perfect for a daily manucure. We love its perfect shine. And on top of that, it 84% biosourced !   What’s a...

Baby perfume

Price €37.50

Created by Enfance Paris , this perfume has been made to suit babies as well as mums. We love its notes of Italian bergamot, citrus, Neroli, whiter musc and ambrette. As soft and reassuring as a mum ! 50 ml...

Face cleaning brush

Price €20.83

Created by Bachca , the face cleaning brush is perfect to clean all types of skin, even the sensitive ones. Use it with a cleaning lotion to gently exfoliate and clean your skin, to keep it perfectly soft....

Under-eye patches "Je t'ai...

Price €11.67

With these under-eye patches, get yourself a brighter, fresher and smoother look ! Made in France with natural products, these under-eye patches revitalize your eyes and reduce dark shadows and puffiness....

Facial cream - 005 Resilience

Price €31.67

Formulated with coffee extract, natural hyaluronic acid and Gigartina Stellata, this facial cream created by Terre de Mars will help moisturize and plump your skin. Thanks to its fresh texture and composition...

Cleansing face - Dry and...

Price €17.50

The dry and mature skins will succumb at  the cleansing face  handmade by  Savon Stories.  It is produced by cold saponification in the goal to keep the natural qualities from its ingredients. It will clean and...

High case - Flore

Price €29.17

Les Fils changed its Flore case in a pretty  high case . It keeps its very floral spirit with a set of sparkling small flowers and its practical size with the possibility of being able to put lotions, shampoos and...

Mini face cleaning brush

Price €8.33

The face cleaning brush from Bachca brand has been especially created to gently clean your face. Used with your usual foaming cleanser, it gently exfoliates to deeply draw out impurities and eliminate dead skin...

Les Petites Filles Modèles

Price €23.33

Fall for the delicate, sweet fragrance of the soft perfume Les Petites Filles Modèles created by Sabé Masson . You'll find notes of peach, bergamot, peony and jasmine. A perfume halfway to skincare, for a moment of...

Billie nail polish

Price €7.50

The nail polish Billie created by Nailmatic is a lovely light pink nail polish, perfect for a daily manucure. We love its perfect shine. And on top of that, it 84% biosourced !   What’s a...

Cleansing glove

Price €11.67

No more cotton pads and make-up remover thanks to this glove created by Malou & Marius ! It will gently remove your make-up without using any product. We love its very soft texture. Use : damp the glove with...