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Give your little ones to love reading with our lovely selection. From the illustrated books for the littlest ones to the books looking like pieces of art, Marcel & Joachim will doubtlessly offer your kids joy and pleasure. With Albin Michel, your kids will find illustrated books, full of poetry and wisdom.

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Book "Au lit !" - French

Price €9.38

Archibald doesn't want to sleep. Dad, Mum and Mamina will patiently try, using tricks and other techniques. But they will all fail and fall asleep all around the house, leaving Archibald to kindly go to sleep in his...

"Mon Amour" child's book

Price €9.38

This beautiful book full of nice pictures tell the story of the unconditional love between a mother and her child. A true, fun and sweet book about maternal love. A nice gift idea for a birth Available only...

"La ville" book - Marcel &...

Price €22.75

This beautiful book from the Swedish artist Ingela P Arrhenius describes in 32 pages 32 words emblematic of the city. From the subway to the market, each page is beautifully drawn, and everyone will like it !...

Grandpa, Grandma and me...

Price €11.37

An original gift idea for grand parents and child. It explores the tender and special relationship between a child and his or her loving grandpa and great grandma. This book is written in French Title :...