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The French brand Veja began life in 2004 and was the vision of  French founders Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion.

Using small producers in Brazil, this ethically orientated shoe brand uses organic cottons from the North of Brazil, wild Amazonian rubber and ecological leathers to create their original shoes.

Veja buys the cotton for its shoes from 320 different families in North Brazil.  These families make their living from the organic farming of cotton.

Did you know that it is in the Amazon that you can find rubber trees growing in the wild ? !  Veja works in conjunction with associations inside the 'Chico Mendes Extractive reserve' to sustainably harvest rubber for the Veja sneakers / trainers.

Finally the leather used in certain Veja shoe collections.  This leather is eco tanned and created with extract such as Acacia.

French Blossom specializes in showcasing 100% French designers for childrens clothing, toys decoration and shoes.  We are proud to forge a partnership with Veja, a French Company that takes its environmental responsibilities extremely seriously, producing sneakers/trainers that we are proud to present to our audience at French Blossom.

Even after the shoes have been fabricated the environmental responsibilites of Veja do not stop there.  These environmentally friendly shoes are packaged in Recycled cardboard boxes and are transported by boat across the Atlantic from Brazil to Northern France and then by barge boat to Paris !

Veja kids shoes are not only environmentally friendly, they look really great.  Chic and stylish in Design these eco shoes for children are a must have !  - At French Blossom we will carefully pick our favourite pieces from each new  collection of Veja childrens shoes.  We hope you like our selection!!

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