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Discover our lovely selection of fragrances. Fall for the new perfume ritual : the soft perfume. A solid perfume, halfway between a skincare and a perfume, easy to apply and to carry thank to its stick format. You'll find here a lovely selection of Sabé Masson, a beautiful French brand with poetic fragrances. Or try the fragrances for Marie Jeanne, a French brand offering fresh, distincive smells.

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Striptease Flowers - Soft...

Price €23.33

Halfway between the emotion of the perfume and a skincare product, the solid perfume Sabé Masson is a whole new way to apprehend perfume. Striptease Flowers is a delicate and light fragrance, with notes of orange...

La Reine Soleil - Soft Perfume

Price €23.33

We fall for the delicate floral notes of the soft perfume La Reine Soleil, created by Sabé Masson . Halfway between skincare and perfume, the solid perfumes created by Sabé Masson are a brand new way to use...

Macadam Paz - Soft perfume

Price €23.33

Created by Sabé Masson , the soft perfume Macadam Paz is a solid perfume with woody notes. We love its solid texture, halfway between skincare and perfume. Head notes: neroli, bergamot Heart notes:...

Perfume - Marcel

Price €58.33

Created by Marie Jeanne , Marcel is a Cologne with notes of bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang and vetiver. Contains 100ml Notes :  Head : Bergamot, lemon, blood orange, rosemary...