Bring a personal touch to your home decoration with our lovely selection of decorative products. TO enhance your walls, you'll find here the lovely creations of The Line, the stunning posters from The Dybdahl Co., or the shelves from Present Time. You'll also find cushions from Atomic Soda or Madam Stoltz, clocks, decorative objects... Everything you need to make your place a home.

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Pendulum clock

Price €81.67

This pendulum clock designed by House Doctor is a great gift idea. It can be fixed to the wall or put on a furniture to give a delicate light from its golden details and a modern look at each home decoration....

Bamboo Ladder - Nature

Price €41.67

The Nature ladder from House Doctor is made of bamboo, and is ideal for giving your bathroom a spa vibe. The ladder has six steps, and is therefore ideal as a hanging space for towels and the like. You can also use...

Frame - Fawn

Price €14.17

This beautiful Minimel frame representing a fawn print is a great wall decoration. It's possible to hang on the wall of a children's room or other room to give poetry and originality. It's an excellent birth gift !...

Card rack - gold

Price €28.33

This lovely card-rack , designed by Madam Stoltz , is a shiny gold card rack in iron wire. This card rack will be perfect as a reminder or tu put your shopping list, or as a decoration to put nice little cards...

London Skyline - Black

Price €24.17

This beautiful skyline representing London has been created by the French brand The Line. Picturing London from the banks of the Thames, you can see the Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye. A great gift for every...

Paris Skyline - Gold

Price €32.50

This beautiful skyline representing Paris has been created by the French brand The Line . We love their poetic way of seeing the City of Love, only picturing the silhouette of the buildings. You can see the Eiffel...