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Baby Soft Cream - Minois Paris

Price €20.00

Last Item! You will fall for this baby cream created in France by  Minois Paris . This french designer made for you 100% natural products to take care of your babies and child's skin. This soft and...

Calming Baby Bath Oil

Price €13.33

The   calming baby bath oil   created by   Naïf   softly cleans and softens the dry skin of your little one. You only have to pour it gently into the bathwater and it helps sooth and reduce the itching feeling...

Nurturing Baby Cream

Price €13.33

This   nurturing baby cream   created by   Naïf   will quickly become your ally to sooth the irritations and dryness of your little one's skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, this cream does not only...

Softening Baby Body Lotion

Price €13.33

Your little one's skin is a bit dry? Then this  softening   baby   body   lotion   made by   Naïf   is your solution. Specially developed for the delicate and sensitive skin of children, it can...