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Candle - Le bureau de papa

Price €30.00

The  "Le bureau de papa" candle  designed by  Maar  is an amazing set of  smokey spices, distressed leather and lavender.  Its hints send you in this room which is laden in histories and family heritages. Top note...

Scented candle - Pommier en...

Price €29.17

The  Pommier en Fleurs  (Apple Tree in Flower)  candle , designed by the brand  Kerzon , is a scented candle with floral notes, a heart of honey, and some wood scents at the end. The collection "L'herbier de...

Scented candle - Simone

Price €33.33

Simone is a scented candle created by the French brand Marie Jeanne . We love its nice vanilla and amber notes. A nice fragrance to make your home cosy. Contains 140g - 40 hours Notes : Head : Bergamot,...