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French toy, puzzle and game designer Djeco not so long ago released one of their latest collections !  - A range of Arty Toys.  These Arty toys are small collectable figurines, beautifully illustrated and brightly painted.  At French Blossom we have both the Superhero figurines and the pirates!  The Arty toy range was born from the idea to create fun toys targeted towards boys.

What are Art Toys ? - Art toys are collectable figurines or designer toys that first rose to prominance in the 1990's in Hong Kong and Japan.  Created by designers, illustrators and artists these toys have been influenced by the world of graphic design, grafitti, modern art and obviously cartoons !  Usually below 8 cm in height ( all the arty toys by Djeco are 7cm in height) these little figurines are made from plastic and have moveable arms, legs and head.


The whole team at Djeco sat down in France to create an original and fun collection of Arty toys !  -  One of the recurring themes of the Arty toys by Djeco is that that the head of each figurine is a lot bigger than its body.  This unusual scale is intended to suggest strength and power in the little toys.  After much design and testing, illustrators were set the task with paint to give each figurine unique costumes, detailing and quirky characteristics.  The final task was to give each toy a a fun name, and wow didn' t they do this well !  - We love the Superhero and pirate Arty toys from Djeco, they are wonderful collectables for children and adults alike !

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