Bakker made with love, childrens suitcases

BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE - suitcases and school satchels


 We have just restocked our collection of bakker made with love childrens suitcases.  We just love these fun, retro style suitcases here at French Blossom.  We made sure to get more sky blue, fushia and red childrens suitcases but we also added a lovely navy blue variety which has a white aeroplane motif on the front.

These suitcases are perfect for so many different occassions.  The different sizes to choose from mean you can either go for small, medium, large or even extra large, depending on the trip you are taking.  Maybe the medium size will be great for a day trip but for a summer holiday, the extra large is the best option.

We even found several of our customers took a fancy to these bakker made with love suitcases for themselves, not just their children!  The suitcases look really cool as a piece of hand luggage but they look equally great as a piece of room decoration or storage case for your childrens soft toys.


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Childrens aeroplane suitcases