bakker made with love, accessories childrens suitcases

Childrens vintage suitcases - BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE 


 We have recently increased our offering of bakker made with love products at French Blossom.  Originally we stocked a variety of childrens suitcases, vinyl suitcases with aeroplane design logos.  We stocked pencil cases, childrens school bags and childrens lunch boxes.  These bakker made with love products proved so popular that we increased the variety of childrens suitcases on offer and decided to also stock a wider variety of different coloured pencil cases. 


We have also recently added the bakker made with love and Bensimon tennis shoes for children and we are now eagerly anticipating the arrival of the bakker made with love childrens t shirts and drag along childrens suitcases.