Bakker made with love and Bensimon sneakers

BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE and Bensimon shoes


 When bakker made with love and Bensimon came together to create a limited edition pair of shoes for children we had to have these for French Blossom.

In the UK they are called trainers, in the US they are called sneakers while in France they are called Baskets.  Where ever you are or what ever you call them, these super stylish shoes for summmer are certain to be a favourite for your children.    We have two different colours in the limited edition summer shoes for children and each comes in a variety of sizes.  The colourful cotton canvas top is easily recognisable as Bakker made with love, while the shape of the shoe and the plastic bottom is none other than the world famous Bensimon.  This collaboration between bakker made with love and bensimon for children has produced a really stylish shoe.

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