Sophie the giraffe teether toy for babies

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 Sophie the Giraffe gift set

Sophie the giraffe can be bought online right here at French  - Sophie la giraffe.


This little giraffe teething toy is one of the most recognised and celebrated toys for mothers and babies in France.  The company Vulli has been creating this little toy for over 50 years using natural rubber.  Winning multiple awards, this little teether stimulates all your babies senses and is an ideal gift idea for little babies.


Sometimes called or rather spelt 'Sophie the Giraffe' or even 'Sofie the Giraffe', the correct spelling in French is Sophie la Girafe.

For years this little babies teething giraffe has stimulated each and every sense.

The soft natural rubber and the shape of the teether is perfect for little hands to hold.

The distinctive shape and colour with hands prayed spots make sophie easily recognisable.

The soft smell of the natural rubber will be unique and easily recognisable amongst their toys.

Chewing the teether is perfect for sore and irritated baby gums

Squeezing the giraffe makes a noise stimulating your babies sense of hearing.


You can find sophie the giraffe teether box set at French Blossom and you can also by the gift set which includes a baby blanket, Sophie comfort toy, baby bib, soft bio cotton hat and slippers and of course Sophie the giraffe.  See this gift set and lots of photos right here - Plush toys and gift ideas for babies