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About French Blossom - The story behind the online boutique


Frenchblossom.com is an online boutique, bringing together a select group of exclusively French, independent designers, who specialise in the creation of delightful, unmistakably French, children’s clothing, gifts and accessories.  French Blossom discovers and presents all things that exude an essence of French style for children!


The concept behind French Blossom is to - ‘Celebrate French Fashion for Children,’ and to showcase exclusively chic and stylish independent French children’s designers.  From the one website, shoppers can easily mix and match unique designs and outfits to create a perfect look for their children, find an ideal gift or simply be inspired by the wonderfully elegant French designs.


Knowing how desirable fabulous children’s fashion has become today, the founders of French Blossom, Nicholas and Meriem, who met and lived in Paris for many years, were inspired by the exquisite elegance and style devoted to children’s fashion in France.   French Blossom was born from the desire to create an online boutique where people can celebrate, shop and experience wonderful French fashion for babies and children


2016 -

With the exciting launch of the new web shop in January 2016, we have taken the opportunity to evolve our concept and broaden our offering !

Although continuing to focus on French childrens designers, we will, after listening to our lovely audience begin to partnership with some of our favourite designers from around Europe and further afield.  The choice of partner designers will remain very selective and in line with the French Blossom spirit and style.

A new section at French Blossom is now devoted to women !  Explore original and vibrant collections, search for the perfect gift ideas and be inspired by chic and stylish designers.  With an offering of jewellery and accessories, bags and candles, plus lots of lifestyle and even a corner for French chocolate, we hope this new area will provide an added dimension and interest to the boutique.  - Its time to pamper mum now, not just the children !!

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