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CLOUD ROOM LIGHT - original decoration for baby nurseries


 Today there are so many lighting ideas to choose from.  Designers are constantly coming up with new innovative designs, shapes, forms and intriguing ideas for room lighting.  With so many lighting ideas to choose from, its often hard to pick the perfect design for a babies nursery of childrens bedroom. 

Here at French Blossom we have a variety of different lights for babies and childrens rooms.  One of our favourites has to be the Cloud lamp.  This light comes in the form of a plug in wall lamp or alternatively you can choose the cloud light that can be suspended from the ceiling!  Both lights have been designed in Paris and can be found at our online boutique or at our showroom for childrens toys and decoration in Rennes, in the West of France.

A stylish cloud lamp sold at French

Above is the image of the cloud lamp that ca purchased at French Blossom - Cloud Lamp


The cloud shaped lighting gives out a white light and the soft rolling forms of the light shell is made from a white plastic polyethylene.  The cloud lamp measures measures 18cm x 23cm 38cm and the light light comes with an energy saving light bulb that gives off a warm glow.


Below is an image of the suspended light.  This cloud light can also be bought at French Blossom - Cloud Light

Cloud lighting at French Blossom