circus wall sticker for children

Frise Cirque Mimilou

Circus wall sticker - original room decoration for kids

The childrens circus wall stickers are back by popular demand.  Our circus wall decals from Mimi Lou have been designed in France and look super on the walls of your childrens bedroom. 

Our circus wall sticker for children measures 5 metres in lengh.  The fun aspect of this wall sticker / decal is that you can cut each element out individually and create your own original scene.   We love the bright and colouful big tent and the lion jumping through the ring of fire !  - There is also an elephant balancing on one leg, a rabbit appearing from a hat, bear balancing on a ball while anothe rbear rides a bicycle.


Circus wall stickers lake a perfect gift idea for children.  When most gifts a child might receive for a birthday will be a soft toy or a game why not present this super wall sticker that comes in its own clear plastic box.

Below are details from this circus wall decal




We also have set up a circus theme inspiration page at the boutique where we have added lions and tiger plush soft toys, circus theme lights, wall posters and much more !