Childrens wall stickers - hot air balloon wall stickers and decals

WALL STICKERS - childrens room decals and decoration

Childrens wall stickers are a fun and playful means of decorating a room over and over again as your children grow up.  Add fun and creativity to your nursery, playroom or childs bedroom by brightening up old or bland walls !

poetic bear wall sticker from mimi'lou at frenchblossom

For people who rent and don't want to spend hours redecorating walls, designer wall stickers, can magically turn a plain room into a delicate and cheerful children's room. Your children are going to love creating a new atmosphere and will certainly appreciate the poetic and colourful designs of the wall stickers that we stock at French Blossom.

Various themes are available such as circus, pirate stickers, hot air balloons and more. As they are removable, no commitment is required and you can imagine a whole new decoration theme as your children grow up and their interests change . Kids wall stickers are also an amusing way to spend an afternoon and involve children in a creative and playful activity.  They can help you decide and customize the sticker scenes for themselves and this is certain to give them a sense of satisfaction !


For example the hot air balloon wall stickers bring a poetic and delicate touch for any boys or girls bedroom.  Made out of separable elements, many of these childrens wall stickers scream creativity and are certain to suit everyone's imagination and taste.

stylish and original hot air ballon wall sticker for children

They are also great for a gift idea as they are original and non aggressive to walls or furniture and a easy to put in place.  The fact that they can be removed is therefore an amazing solution to any plain room.  Their soft and romantic colours will match pretty much any wall or theme chosen beforehand. 

French Blossom proposes various designers and therefore different atmospheres to brighten up your children's rooms: From Mimi Lou to Djeco, Poisson Bulle to Omy design and play. Various size wall stickers and colours are available at the boutique

Wall stickers are also popular with adults to decorate other rooms in the house.  Poetically accentuating a certain wall with star stickers or with something fun and original always creates a great talking point.. Wall stickers really are a fun and easy way to make daily life more creative. From circus stickers to pirates, hot air balloon wall stickers to zoo decals , confetti to kites.  There are infinite ideas to brighten up anything that comes to hand!

You will also find on the website matching decorative items such as table lamps, cushions, carpets and  bed linen to match with certain stickers and create a complete bedroom theme.

Choosing a style and look for your children's room can be difficult as children grow so fast.  Childrens wall stickers are the perfect choice as they are available for various age ranges and themes..

They also come in various shapes and can be used in different ways.  For example certain stickers that we stock can be positioned as a wall frise or, divided into small pieces. There are no rules, just let your imagination run wild! 

Stickers need not be only used on wall.  Why not decorate  a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and even textbooks can be brightened up with stickers. Your children will love to personalize their objects and make them unique.

Some of our kids wall stickers also glow in the dark and are a great way of helping little ones get to sleep with reassuring and dreamy atmosphere at night time. The glow in the dark owl wall sticker or the glow in the dark space sticker are personal favourites !

fluorescent glow in the dark wall sticker for children

Suitable for any room such a a nursery or a playroom, children's wall stickers are also a great way to redecorate a room for less and add magic and versatility to any style of decoration.

Made out of high quality vinyl the repositioning is worry free. 

Who wouldn't dream of a jolly teddy bear eating honey on his wall or about a glow in the dark spaceship to take him to dreamland? Every little girl will delight in those cute cats to remodel her own room in her own terms! Our lovely birds and pearl sets will definitely bring a soft and poetic touch. You can also tell stories about the walls : a zoo full of animals and the circus sticker will conjure many ideas and thoughts ! It can also be a great way to have your little one talk and describe what they see!

lovely and original circus wall sticker for children

Let your kids imagination run free with those childrens wall stickers and let them create and recreate according to their tastes and imagination. Far from being traditional , the designs represented at French Blossom are modern and poetic.

Hot air balloon wall stickers are one of our favorites here at French Blossom because they will fly our spirits up into the clouds ! And of course add a soft and dreamy twist to a room.