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Bring the Tropics under your roof with the Pineapple lamps of Goodnight Light

Did you ever think that you would one day encounter a lamp taking the shape of a pineapple? No? Neither did we and yet, here they are, the lovely pineapple lamps from Goodnight Light.

Following the recent trend of using pineapples as models, these lamps are even better because they are kid friendly. They do not emit any heat thanks to their LED light bulb so you can create a warm glow to soften the nights of your children. And because it’s a LED light, it does not consume a lot of electricity, perfect to be nice to the environment too.

Taking the funny name of ‘Piña Colada’, as a reference to the nationality of the creator (‘Piña’ means pineapple in Spanish), these lamps can also turn into sculpture to decorate your interior. You just have to take off the power cable and you will find yourself with a pretty pineapple sculpture that you can display anywhere you want!

Coming in different varied colours, they can fit any decoration style. From pastel pink to bright yellow, passing by golden or bronze, these delicious fruits will surely bring a natural and modern touch to your interior. Whether you have a minimalist or vintage decoration, whether you decide to put it at home or at your working place, it will give a hint of kitsch nostalgia while still being contemporary. In a nursery or a children’s room, it will be an unexpected element of design that will surely own you some nice comments about how original your room decoration is!

Measuring 32 cm, they are fairly light. We can then imagine a lovely white or pink pineapple in a baby girl’s nursery or a little girl’s room, displayed on a simple shelf. Or you can match the bronze or golden one with a natural Scandinavian decoration with wooden furniture.

Wanting to read more about the pineapple lamps from Goodnight Light? Discover all our available colours and learn more about them on our product pages!

Pastel Coloured Pineapple Lamps

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