Original Storage Baskets - ROSE IN APRIL - Accessories and Room Decoration

Fun storage solution with Rose In April!

Lots of people know Rose in April for her beautiful and deliciously vintage shelves. Available in multiple colours and sizes, we simply love them! However, less people know the French designer for her storage baskets.

Coming in different sizes and colours, these baskets made out of straw are as pretty as they are practical. Both high and wide, you can put in them quite a lot of things. Say goodbye to toys laying around the room or unruly blankets half way down the floor. These baskets keep them all in one place!

We especially like the funny pompoms dotting these baskets. In white, pink or grey, they add a dash of colour to these beautiful baskets and brighten up your room decoration. Combining bright colours and natural tones, theses storage baskets can effortlessly bring originality to the room of your kids.

Along with these lovely storage baskets, we received the beautiful bag "My Sweet Summer". Made with the same material than the baskets, this bag is perfect to bring with you all the essentials to spend a nice afternoon at the beach for instance, or wander through a lovely summer market. We especially love the bright pink colour used for the pompom and the embroideries that gives it this relaxed feeling that only comes with beautiful sunny days of summer!

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