MINOIS PARIS - soins naturels pour enfants et nourrissons

Original Storage Baskets - ROSE IN APRIL - Accessories and Room Decoration

Fun storage solution with Rose In April!

Lots of people know Rose in April for her beautiful and deliciously vintage shelves. Available in multiple colours and sizes, we simply love them! However, less people know the French designer for her storage baskets.

Coming in different sizes and colours, these baskets made out of straw are as pretty as they are practical. Both high and wide, you can put in them quite a lot of things. Say goodbye to toys laying around the room or unruly blankets half way down the floor. These baskets keep them all in one place!

We especially like the funny pompoms dotting these baskets. In white, pink or grey, they add a dash of colour to these beautiful baskets and brighten up your room decoration. Combining bright colours and natural tones, theses storage baskets can effortlessly bring originality to the room of your kids.

Along with these lovely storage baskets, we received the beautiful bag "My Sweet Summer". Made with the same material than the baskets, this bag is perfect to bring with you all the essentials to spend a nice afternoon at the beach for instance, or wander through a lovely summer market. We especially love the bright pink colour used for the pompom and the embroideries that gives it this relaxed feeling that only comes with beautiful sunny days of summer!

Have a look at all these wonderful products on Rose in April's page here: Rose In April.

NOBODINOZ - Decoration and play tents for children

NOBODINOZ - Mobilier et décoration pour chambre d'enfant

GOODNIGHT LIGHT - Original Room Decoration - Pineapple Lamps

Complete Collection Pineapple Lamps

Bring the Tropics under your roof with the Pineapple lamps of Goodnight Light

Did you ever think that you would one day encounter a lamp taking the shape of a pineapple? No? Neither did we and yet, here they are, the lovely pineapple lamps from Goodnight Light.

Following the recent trend of using pineapples as models, these lamps are even better because they are kid friendly. They do not emit any heat thanks to their LED light bulb so you can create a warm glow to soften the nights of your children. And because it’s a LED light, it does not consume a lot of electricity, perfect to be nice to the environment too.

Taking the funny name of ‘Piña Colada’, as a reference to the nationality of the creator (‘Piña’ means pineapple in Spanish), these lamps can also turn into sculpture to decorate your interior. You just have to take off the power cable and you will find yourself with a pretty pineapple sculpture that you can display anywhere you want!

Coming in different varied colours, they can fit any decoration style. From pastel pink to bright yellow, passing by golden or bronze, these delicious fruits will surely bring a natural and modern touch to your interior. Whether you have a minimalist or vintage decoration, whether you decide to put it at home or at your working place, it will give a hint of kitsch nostalgia while still being contemporary. In a nursery or a children’s room, it will be an unexpected element of design that will surely own you some nice comments about how original your room decoration is!

Measuring 32 cm, they are fairly light. We can then imagine a lovely white or pink pineapple in a baby girl’s nursery or a little girl’s room, displayed on a simple shelf. Or you can match the bronze or golden one with a natural Scandinavian decoration with wooden furniture.

Wanting to read more about the pineapple lamps from Goodnight Light? Discover all our available colours and learn more about them on our product pages!

Pastel Coloured Pineapple Lamps

Mint Pineapple Lamp Ambiance Picture

POUDRE ORGANIC - Organic clothes for babies and children

MINOIS PARIS - Natural baby cosmetics 100% made in France

MINOIS PARIS : parents are crazy about these natural baby skincare

Nowadays, taking care of your little ones with products adapted to their skin is a major concern for you, parents. And it's not an easy task when you know that many of cosmetics for babies in France are made from dangerous ingredients.

That's why it's important in our eyes to present Minois Paris, a beautiful french brand which recently joined our talented designers. Under this cute name, Hélène created natural baby cosmetics to take care with love and softness of your little ones' skin. She thrown herself with passion and love into Minois Paris adventure to guide moms and offer them the best products to take care of their babies. Her products are made in France in a renowned laboratory with natural ingredients and are certified with no paraben, no sulfate, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone and no colorants. We love it !

You will not be able to resist the floral and natural scents of these baby skincare 100% made in France including a baby wash gel, a delicate baby water spray and a baby soft cream !

Childrens fashion: kids sneakers by Veja, 10 IS & Feiyue

Nobodinoz - graphic patterns and pop colors

New : Childrens Nail vanish by Nailmatic Kids

Water soluble nailmatic nail polish for children

Childrens clothing: Emile et Ida : Magic Summer !

New Louise Misha Spring Summer collection 2015

Louise Misha New collection

LOUIS MISHA - designer fashion accessories France


This French brand has been working with us for 4 years now.  They have just launched their new collection for Spring-Summer 2015. You should take a look at this new stylish collection ! Widely inspired of bohemian style. Dresses with pastel colours, palm trees patterns and high-quality lace. Each item is designed by the two French designers in their Parisian office. Discover one of our crushes : the blue paillette vintage dress. We love the superb details and the mint colour. A lovely and poetic dress which every little girl would love to wear ! 

They could wear this poetic dress in town with their moms and even at birthdays parties ! Here, at we love this new poetic, bohemian collection. These soft colours and nice patterns would certainly seduce you too.

Louise Misha has also launched a a product range of back packs with poetic and soft colours and nice jewelleries to accessoirize clothes of your little girls.






Mid season sale - 30% off fashion & shoes

Our Mid Season Sale start today !


From 11-18 November 2014, French Blossom is having its mid-season sale on clothing and shoes !

Get 30% off Clothing and Shoes form our New collection with code : BLOSSOMDAYS*

Start Shopping Now !

* excludes the following : items already on sale or promotion, jewellery, tights and hippie ya mocassins.

Childrens wall stickers - hot air balloon wall stickers and decals

WALL STICKERS - childrens room decals and decoration

Childrens wall stickers are a fun and playful means of decorating a room over and over again as your children grow up.  Add fun and creativity to your nursery, playroom or childs bedroom by brightening up old or bland walls !

poetic bear wall sticker from mimi'lou at frenchblossom

For people who rent and don't want to spend hours redecorating walls, designer wall stickers, can magically turn a plain room into a delicate and cheerful children's room. Your children are going to love creating a new atmosphere and will certainly appreciate the poetic and colourful designs of the wall stickers that we stock at French Blossom.

Various themes are available such as circus, pirate stickers, hot air balloons and more. As they are removable, no commitment is required and you can imagine a whole new decoration theme as your children grow up and their interests change . Kids wall stickers are also an amusing way to spend an afternoon and involve children in a creative and playful activity.  They can help you decide and customize the sticker scenes for themselves and this is certain to give them a sense of satisfaction !


For example the hot air balloon wall stickers bring a poetic and delicate touch for any boys or girls bedroom.  Made out of separable elements, many of these childrens wall stickers scream creativity and are certain to suit everyone's imagination and taste.

stylish and original hot air ballon wall sticker for children

They are also great for a gift idea as they are original and non aggressive to walls or furniture and a easy to put in place.  The fact that they can be removed is therefore an amazing solution to any plain room.  Their soft and romantic colours will match pretty much any wall or theme chosen beforehand. 

French Blossom proposes various designers and therefore different atmospheres to brighten up your children's rooms: From Mimi Lou to Djeco, Poisson Bulle to Omy design and play. Various size wall stickers and colours are available at the boutique

Wall stickers are also popular with adults to decorate other rooms in the house.  Poetically accentuating a certain wall with star stickers or with something fun and original always creates a great talking point.. Wall stickers really are a fun and easy way to make daily life more creative. From circus stickers to pirates, hot air balloon wall stickers to zoo decals , confetti to kites.  There are infinite ideas to brighten up anything that comes to hand!

You will also find on the website matching decorative items such as table lamps, cushions, carpets and  bed linen to match with certain stickers and create a complete bedroom theme.

Choosing a style and look for your children's room can be difficult as children grow so fast.  Childrens wall stickers are the perfect choice as they are available for various age ranges and themes..

They also come in various shapes and can be used in different ways.  For example certain stickers that we stock can be positioned as a wall frise or, divided into small pieces. There are no rules, just let your imagination run wild! 

Stickers need not be only used on wall.  Why not decorate  a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and even textbooks can be brightened up with stickers. Your children will love to personalize their objects and make them unique.

Some of our kids wall stickers also glow in the dark and are a great way of helping little ones get to sleep with reassuring and dreamy atmosphere at night time. The glow in the dark owl wall sticker or the glow in the dark space sticker are personal favourites !

fluorescent glow in the dark wall sticker for children

Suitable for any room such a a nursery or a playroom, children's wall stickers are also a great way to redecorate a room for less and add magic and versatility to any style of decoration.

Made out of high quality vinyl the repositioning is worry free. 

Who wouldn't dream of a jolly teddy bear eating honey on his wall or about a glow in the dark spaceship to take him to dreamland? Every little girl will delight in those cute cats to remodel her own room in her own terms! Our lovely birds and pearl sets will definitely bring a soft and poetic touch. You can also tell stories about the walls : a zoo full of animals and the circus sticker will conjure many ideas and thoughts ! It can also be a great way to have your little one talk and describe what they see!

lovely and original circus wall sticker for children

Let your kids imagination run free with those childrens wall stickers and let them create and recreate according to their tastes and imagination. Far from being traditional , the designs represented at French Blossom are modern and poetic.

Hot air balloon wall stickers are one of our favorites here at French Blossom because they will fly our spirits up into the clouds ! And of course add a soft and dreamy twist to a room.




Chidren room decoration : cloud inspiration

CLOUD ROOM DECORATION - cloud lights and rugs

LOUISE MISHA new spring summer collection

Designer childrens clothes online shop - LOUISE MISHA

Birthday parties for children

BIRTHDAY PARTIES - make perfect party for kids

Spring is Here ! Discover our 3 exclusives Offers

french baby clothes

 Childrens online clothing boutique - exclusive offers now

Start shopping now ! 




Louise Misha: spring summer 2014 collection now online !

LOUISE MISHA - french designer fashion for children online

BLUNE - the new srping summer collection is now online !

Blune - french clothes for children - designer kids fashion

Emile et Ida: new spring summer collection !

EMILE ET IDA - french childrens clothing - French Blossom

Mi-Avril: New colours now online !

Handmade paper garlands - bright and colourful

New in: Spring summer collection 2014 Petit Bateau

NEW IN - Spring Summer collection - Petit Bateau

French Children clothing at French Blossom - Jan sale

French baby clothes and french childrens fashion specialist


Welcome to the very first News round up at French Blossom.  This is one of the best places to find out what we are up to, special deals and events we are running.  Discover the very best french children clothing from exclusively French childrens fashion designers.  We will be regularly updating this news page so be sure to check back !

If you dont already know, we are in the middle of the Winter sales at French Blossom.  We have some amazing deals on french childrens clothing, french baby clothes and a lovely variety of French childrens toys and decoration.


In the sale you will find some fantastic pieces of French childrens wear at greatly reduced prices.  Some pieces are reduced by up to -60%.  French childrens designers such as rose desbois and Louis Louise are all at marked down in price - but dont wait to long as we have limited pieces left. 


You will find some lovely French girls dresses, limited edition pieces plus clothing designed exclusively for us at French Blossom...


The sale last until the 14 February - so hurry and dont miss out !!


10 IS: New collection spring/summer 2014

10IS - sneakers and shoes for kids designed in France

Petit Bateau - French children fashion

Designer kids clothes online - French fashion for kids

Childrens room decor: A lovely selection of childrens lighting

Original room lighting for children - lamps - fun kids lighting

New in: Vilac , french toys for babies and children - original designs

VILAC - news and new toy arrivals French toys for children

MY LOVELY THING - childrens wall posters and greeting cards

Limited edition nursery wall decoration - MY LOVELY THING

New designer: Youttle at French Blossom

Youttle - designer ferench toys for children and babies

Kid's room deco - Pile Poil carpets

CLOUD RUGS - star carpets - original room decoration

FRENCH BLOSSOM - Christmas shop

Christmas gift guide for kids - ideas and inspiration

French childrens fashion - privileges sales !

SALE - kids designer fashion - French Blossom - great offers

Between the 8th and the 18th of November, French Blossom offers privileges sales !

Indeed, the online shop specilized in French childrens designers, offers from Friday November 8th private sales up to 40% on new Automn/Winter 2013 collections.

Blossom Days concern all the french designer clothes and shoes for children from our store: french baby clothes, girls and boys french designers clothes, baby shoes, kids sneakers.

Don't miss this exceptional offer and go to !

10 IS - French shoes for children

ONLINE SHOP - french kids sneakers and designer shoes

circus wall sticker for children

Frise Cirque Mimilou

Circus wall sticker - original room decoration for kids

The childrens circus wall stickers are back by popular demand.  Our circus wall decals from Mimi Lou have been designed in France and look super on the walls of your childrens bedroom. 

Our circus wall sticker for children measures 5 metres in lengh.  The fun aspect of this wall sticker / decal is that you can cut each element out individually and create your own original scene.   We love the bright and colouful big tent and the lion jumping through the ring of fire !  - There is also an elephant balancing on one leg, a rabbit appearing from a hat, bear balancing on a ball while anothe rbear rides a bicycle.


Circus wall stickers lake a perfect gift idea for children.  When most gifts a child might receive for a birthday will be a soft toy or a game why not present this super wall sticker that comes in its own clear plastic box.

Below are details from this circus wall decal




We also have set up a circus theme inspiration page at the boutique where we have added lions and tiger plush soft toys, circus theme lights, wall posters and much more !



Bakker made with love - vintage creations

Childrens vintage bags - BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE 

At French Blossom we’ve literally felt in love with the Bakker made with love aeroplane suitcases. This french brand offers some very pretty vintage suitcases with bright colors. Blue, pink, yellow… your little monsters will love it!

Beyond their original design, the bakker made with love suitcases are high quality products. These retro suitcases are entirely handmade and exist in 4 sizes of different capacities (S, M, L and XL)

Our favorite is the wonderful red cavas aeroplane suitcase.

 Valise avion en toile imprimée - Large Rouge

We also love Bakker made with love schoolbags, perfect to work hard at school! To carry on the back, they are very light and sturdy. These original and vintage satchels combine with a bakker pincel case will make your child the more stylish child of the playground!

Cartable Enfant Vinyl Jaune




Hot air balloon wall stickers and circus wall stickers

Circus wall stickers and hot air balloon wall decals 


 Lovely hot air balloon wall sticker for children and babies

Hot air balloon wall stickers for kids at French Blossom

We absolutely love the hot air balloon wall stickers for children.  They look great on the walls of childrens bedrooms or for a babies nursery.  These wall stickers are delicate, pretty and very stylish.  The set comes with 8 hot air balloons, several patterned clouds and a few little birds that add wonderful detail to the scene.  Unlike many other hot air balloon wall stickers you find today, the one we chose to showcase at the French Blossom boutique is poetic and would look great on any wall in the home not just a childrens room.  Instead of solid blocks of colour, the designer, Mimi Lou has cleverly used patterns and prints to form the basis of the design and shape of the clouds and balloons.


If hot air balloon kids stickers are not what you are looking for, then the childrens circus wall stickers for a babies nursery or kids rooms are a great alternative !


A fun circus wall sticker for childrens bedroom and babies nursery

Five metres in length and full of bright colours this fun childrens sticker is perfect for all children who love the circus.  This sticker includes a lion jumping through a ring of fire, a rabbit appearing from a hat, an elephant balancing on one leg, a bear riding a tricycle, another bear balancing balls and a big tent !


This sticker can be stuck on almost any smooth surface, even windows.  It can be easily removed too!




Cloud lamp - French Blossom

CLOUD ROOM LIGHT - original decoration for baby nurseries


 Today there are so many lighting ideas to choose from.  Designers are constantly coming up with new innovative designs, shapes, forms and intriguing ideas for room lighting.  With so many lighting ideas to choose from, its often hard to pick the perfect design for a babies nursery of childrens bedroom. 

Here at French Blossom we have a variety of different lights for babies and childrens rooms.  One of our favourites has to be the Cloud lamp.  This light comes in the form of a plug in wall lamp or alternatively you can choose the cloud light that can be suspended from the ceiling!  Both lights have been designed in Paris and can be found at our online boutique or at our showroom for childrens toys and decoration in Rennes, in the West of France.

A stylish cloud lamp sold at French

Above is the image of the cloud lamp that ca purchased at French Blossom - Cloud Lamp


The cloud shaped lighting gives out a white light and the soft rolling forms of the light shell is made from a white plastic polyethylene.  The cloud lamp measures measures 18cm x 23cm 38cm and the light light comes with an energy saving light bulb that gives off a warm glow.


Below is an image of the suspended light.  This cloud light can also be bought at French Blossom - Cloud Light

Cloud lighting at French Blossom




Hot air balloon wall stickers for children

Hot air balloon wall stickers - nursery design - kids decor



We love wall stickers for children here at French Blossom.  We have wall stickers from several different French designers such as Poisson Bulle and Mimi Lou.  Some of our favourite new wall stickers for children are the circus wall stickers and the hot air balloon wall stickers.  These wall stickers look great on your childrens bedroon wall or to brighten up a babies nursery.


Circus themes for children are always very popular but have a look at these hot air balloon stickers that we just added.  Seven hot air balloons, all brightly coloured and patterned, fluffy clouds and birds make up a really original and fun wall decoration for children

Check out these sickers for kids in greater detail: -

Hot air balloon wall stickers for kids

Circus theme wall stickers for children

Louis Louise - Autumn /Winter 2012 childrens clothing

LOUIS LOUISE - designer clothes for chilren and babies

12.09.2012 - Louis Louise - Autumn / Winter 2012 collection of clothes


We have a really lovely collection of Louis Louise clothes for Autumn / winter 2012.  The Parisian based designer has used a variety of colours, textures and materials in this wonderful collection.  Star patterns on midnight blue coloured dresses, delicate dot patterns and vintage pinks all feature in this collection. 


If you like French designer clothes for children, this collection is perfect for you.  We have have set up a look book with a variety of looks and styles : - Louis Louise childrens fashion lookbook

 French baby clothes from French Blossom

The collection includes french baby clothes, french boys clothing and french girls clothes.  For the first time we have also chosen three beautiful sleeping bags for babies.


As with each collection clothing collection from Louise Louise, we like to complete the looks with accessories and this season we have a super range of Louis Louise scarves, pompom headbands and smoking brooches.

french girls clothes from Louis Louise


I love this girls tunic, skirt and pompom headband look from Louis Louise




Emile et Ida, new French Children's Designer at French Blossom

NEW - Emile et Ida - childrens clothing at French Blossom

Cloud light - original room decoration - ceiling lighting ideas

CLOUD LAMP - designer lighting for childrens bedrooms



 cloud light

If you are looking for original room decoration for your childrens bedroom or nursery, the cloud lamp is just perfect !

This light comes either as a plug in wall lamp or in a version that can be suspended from the ceiling.  The dreamy cloud lights also look great as a sculptural piece in other rooms of the home and they make a super original gift idea for children. -  We love these lamps so much we have installed one in our office at French Blossom !!


Each cloud lamp is made with a white plastic polyethylene rigid shell and measures 18cm x 23cm x 38cm.  The lights come with one energy efficient light bulb (life expectancy 8 years).


We love cloud lighting at French and to discover these lights and several others visit our area - childrens lighting.









Sophie the giraffe teether toy for babies

SOPHIE THE GIRAFE - baby toy - French Blossom


 Sophie the Giraffe gift set

Sophie the giraffe can be bought online right here at French  - Sophie la giraffe.


This little giraffe teething toy is one of the most recognised and celebrated toys for mothers and babies in France.  The company Vulli has been creating this little toy for over 50 years using natural rubber.  Winning multiple awards, this little teether stimulates all your babies senses and is an ideal gift idea for little babies.


Sometimes called or rather spelt 'Sophie the Giraffe' or even 'Sofie the Giraffe', the correct spelling in French is Sophie la Girafe.

For years this little babies teething giraffe has stimulated each and every sense.

The soft natural rubber and the shape of the teether is perfect for little hands to hold.

The distinctive shape and colour with hands prayed spots make sophie easily recognisable.

The soft smell of the natural rubber will be unique and easily recognisable amongst their toys.

Chewing the teether is perfect for sore and irritated baby gums

Squeezing the giraffe makes a noise stimulating your babies sense of hearing.


You can find sophie the giraffe teether box set at French Blossom and you can also by the gift set which includes a baby blanket, Sophie comfort toy, baby bib, soft bio cotton hat and slippers and of course Sophie the giraffe.  See this gift set and lots of photos right here - Plush toys and gift ideas for babies










Bakker made with love childrens suitcases and satchels

Childrens suitcases and backpacks - bakker made with love


 With a variety of childrens suitcases perfect for summer, there is something for every taste at French Blossom.  We love the bakker made with love childrens suitcases and have them in a variety of colours and sizes.  Buy a summer suitcase in red, blue, light blue, chocolate brown, pink or black.  Choose from small sizes to XL.


These suitcases from bakker made with love are really retro in design and with the little aeroplane motif on the front, they are certain to turn heads in the airport. 

bakker made with love children's satchel

Now we have also added new childrens satchels and school bags from bakker made with love.  Perfect for the new school year, these satchels can be bought in vinyl material or a canvas material and there are a variety of colours and paterns to choose from.  Some of the school bags have shoulder straps while others are designed to carry with a handle strap.  The bags have a variety of pockets and are spacious for school books, papers pens and much more.

Looking for an original school bag, ideal for your children?  Look no further French Blossom have some great choices of satchels and school bags !

Discover our wonderful childrens suitcases here




Summer Sales - childrens room decoration

SALE - childrens room decoration and gift ideas promotion



The summer sales are now on at French Blossom and its not just childrens clothing and french baby clothing that can be found at great prices.  There is also a range of childrens room decoration and childrens wall stickers marked down in price !  Some childrens wall stickers from French designer Poisson Bulle are up to -20%.


Bright, original kids wall stickers and original room decoration for children can be found under the House and design section of the website.  In the same section, wonderful room lighting, childrens wall posters and musical decoration can all be found.


All the childrens wall stickers from Poisson Bulle are printed in France and can be positioned on most surfaces and also can be easily removed and repositioned.


Discove more great ideas and wall stickers from - Poisson Bulle

Summer sales for french childrens clothing at French Blossom

Childrens clothing sale - French Blossom - designer kids fashion


 The Summer sales at French Blossom have started.  For the next month until the 31st July you can find a variety of french baby clothes, french kids clothing and a range of house and decoration all reduced in price.  Some articles are recued by up to -50%.


If you are looking for orginal baby gifts or presents, this is the perfect time to visit French Blossom and discover clothing from designers such as Louis Louise, rose desbois, Merveilles and Kayatine


There are designer childrens t shirts, chic and stylish girls summer dresses and lots of french baby clothes at greatly reduced prices.

French baby clothes specialist

French baby clothes specialist - designer kids clothing online


As you already might know, French Blossom specializes in 100% french designer designers.  The online shop has a great selection of French baby clothes, french childrens clothing, toys made by french designers and a section devoted to home and decoration.

We are selectively adding new french designers to our collection and always striving to offer a greater selection of products from each designer.  Each designer / independant French brand that we work with


Some of the designers that we partner with include Trousselier - who have wonderful music boxes and soft toys.  Kayatine is another designer that focuses on french baby clothes and soft toys for babies.  To discover many more of our designers for babies click here - babies

Bakker made with love and Bensimon sneakers

BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE and Bensimon shoes


 When bakker made with love and Bensimon came together to create a limited edition pair of shoes for children we had to have these for French Blossom.

In the UK they are called trainers, in the US they are called sneakers while in France they are called Baskets.  Where ever you are or what ever you call them, these super stylish shoes for summmer are certain to be a favourite for your children.    We have two different colours in the limited edition summer shoes for children and each comes in a variety of sizes.  The colourful cotton canvas top is easily recognisable as Bakker made with love, while the shape of the shoe and the plastic bottom is none other than the world famous Bensimon.  This collaboration between bakker made with love and bensimon for children has produced a really stylish shoe.

To see more of these shoes for kids from the french designers visit  - Bensimon and Bakker made with love for children

Lalé at French Blossom

LALE - designer bags and cases for children - French designs

french baby clothes - le marchand d'etoiles

LE MARCHAND D'ETOILES - french baby clothes and fashion



We have just added several new baby bodysuits from the french childrens designer Le Marchand d'etoiles. This designer has a wonderful selection of french baby clothes most of which are covered in their distinctive pretty star pattern.  Two lovely baby body suits that we just added to the french blossom website are a light taupe in colour and one has pretty butterfly sleeves.

Baby bodysuits from Le Marchand D'etoiles


You can also now find boys swimming shorts for the summer holidays at French Blossom. These shorts are also a taupe in colour.


To discover many more wonderful pieces and french baby clothes from a variety of french designers - visit the baby section at French Blossom

bakker made with love, accessories childrens suitcases

Childrens vintage suitcases - BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE 


 We have recently increased our offering of bakker made with love products at French Blossom.  Originally we stocked a variety of childrens suitcases, vinyl suitcases with aeroplane design logos.  We stocked pencil cases, childrens school bags and childrens lunch boxes.  These bakker made with love products proved so popular that we increased the variety of childrens suitcases on offer and decided to also stock a wider variety of different coloured pencil cases. 


We have also recently added the bakker made with love and Bensimon tennis shoes for children and we are now eagerly anticipating the arrival of the bakker made with love childrens t shirts and drag along childrens suitcases.

French baby clothing, FREE SHIPPING

FREE SHIPPING - baby clothes and kids fashion 


 For the next ten days we are offering free shipping worldwide on all orders made over 70 euros and when the order is for french baby clothes, french childrens clothes or accessories.  This offer unfortunately does not apply to the French toys and childrens room decoration found at French

If you are looking for designer baby clothes but dont like to the idea of paying delivery costs, especially when you live a long way from France why not take this opportunity for free delivery.  It only lasts from the 6th April to the 16th April so hurry and dont miss out !

Remember the offer extends to all french baby clothes, kids designer clothes, any clothing you can find on our website infact plus any accessories. - All orders must be over €70

bakker made with love shop online

BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE online boutique 


 We just love the french brands bakker made with love and bensimon, so when we found out that they were collaborating together to create a tennis shoe, we obviously were very interested in having these on our French Blossom website.  The tennis shoes are light and colourful, perfect for summer.   The shape of this childrens shoe is clearly the design of Bensimon, while the pattern fabric on the top is distinctivey that of bakker made with love.

If you want to by these bakker made with love and Bensiomon tennis shoes online look no further, they are right here at French blossom

Luxury Baby Gifts - baby gift ideas from French Blossom

Designer baby gift ideas and birth presents - online boutique



If you are looking for that special baby gift idea or original baby gifts, French Blossom is the place to shop!  We have a great variety of products to choose from at French and we hope you will be inspired by our offering.


We just recently added a section on the website, called baby gift ideas and this area is a constantly changing area, proposing ideas for gifts for that special occassion.  Maybe you are looking fro baby shower gifts or original baby gifts - we cover all these bases here at French Blossom. 

Some of our baby gift ideas are unique items, while other gift ideas are exclusive to us at French Blossom.  We look to offer luxury baby gifts from French designers to a worldwide audience.  Many of our products and toys are handmade by French designers, right here in France.

French baby clothes - Louis Louise

FRENCH BABY CLOTHES - Louis Louise designer


At the end of last March we were pleased to announce we were including French baby clothes from designer Louis Louise.  We have now just added several more pieces from the same designer and they are already proving very popular !

If you are looking for childrens designer clothes but something different, something more unique and original, French Blossom is the place to shop!  Dress your babies and children in beautiful pieces all created by Independent French designers.

We stock a wonderful variety of French clothing designers and and many pieces of french baby clothes right through to childrens wear up to the age of 10 years.

Looking chic and stylish yet choosing less well known but beautifully designed pieces is what strive to bring you at French Blossom.

Discover more of our French baby clothes and childrens clothing from Louise louise right here.

Louis Louise - french baby clothing

LOUIS LOUISE - childrens clothing - French Blossom clothes


 We have just added a wonderful array of  French baby clothes from Parisian based designer Louis Louise.  This is the first time that we have included French baby clothing from this designer, having previously only selected boys and girls clothing for older ages.

The pretty, poetic baby clothes from this French designer fit perfectly into our French Blossom website and we are delighted to include several beautiful tunics, dresses, overalls and T-Shirts. 

Soft pastel colours and delicate detailing make Louis Louise a wonderful choice when searching for light and refreshing yet chic and stylish Spring/Summer clothing for babies.


Discover our collection of French baby clothing plus clothing for girls and boys from the designer Louis Louise right here at French Blossom

Louis Louise - French childrens clothes S/S 2012

Spring Summer french fashion for kids - Louis Louise

Discover the beautiful new collection of french childrens clothing from designer Louis Louise.  The  wonderful collection is something not to be missed!  Light delicate fabrics, colourful dresses and as ever, fine, chic French detailing is in abundance.  The collection features some fantastic French girls dresses perfect for summer and a variety of great looks for boys.  


Printed t shirts, pretty girls overalls, boys trousers, there is something for every childs wardrobe here. 

Childrens neck scarves and lovely head bands also in the collection form the perfect accessories to complete each look.


Louis Louise - french childrens clothing -  Spring Summer collection at French Blossom  !!

Bakker made with love, childrens suitcases

BAKKER MADE WITH LOVE - suitcases and school satchels


 We have just restocked our collection of bakker made with love childrens suitcases.  We just love these fun, retro style suitcases here at French Blossom.  We made sure to get more sky blue, fushia and red childrens suitcases but we also added a lovely navy blue variety which has a white aeroplane motif on the front.

These suitcases are perfect for so many different occassions.  The different sizes to choose from mean you can either go for small, medium, large or even extra large, depending on the trip you are taking.  Maybe the medium size will be great for a day trip but for a summer holiday, the extra large is the best option.

We even found several of our customers took a fancy to these bakker made with love suitcases for themselves, not just their children!  The suitcases look really cool as a piece of hand luggage but they look equally great as a piece of room decoration or storage case for your childrens soft toys.


To discover more of these bakker made with love suitcases click here 


Childrens aeroplane suitcases

French colouring sheets for children

Coloring pages - kids colouring sheets and games 


 Coloroset -Set de table à colorier

We have just welcomed OMY Design to the French Blossom website!  This French company creates wonderful colouring sheets for children.

Whether its for a childrens party of just for a gift, colouring sheets for kids are a wonderful way to keep little ones distracted for hours.  The large roll out colouring sheets are filled with a whole variety of animals, objects and scenes all needing that sparkle of colour and imagination to bring them to life.  Place these kids colouring sheets on the wall or just lay them flat on the floor, either way they are certain to become wonderful art pieces and talking points.

These colouring in sheets are really long so it will take ages to finish everything - 3 metres in length and they come rolled up - so easy for storage.


To discoverer this new addition to our website click here:-   children s colouring sheets


Merveilles - French childrens clothing


French childrens clothes - Designer kids fashion and accessories


We have just added the wonderful Spring /Summer collection of French childrens clothing from designer 'Merveilles'. 

This is the second Spring/Summer collection from the Paris based designer and they have created some delightful pieces.  Soft greys, grey blues, mustard colours and a rich Bordeaux colour form the main theme of the lovely French girls dresses, skirts and tops.  Thoroughout the French Blossom website, we look to share with our audience a select collection of beautiful french childrens clothes and chic and stylish kids fashion and accessories


The simple, light, soft materials are perfect for warmer months and there is certainly an understated elegance and stylish feel created in this collection.  


French Childrens clothing, french girls clothing

French baby clothes - Spring summer 2012 collection

French Baby clothes - Online Spring and Summer collections


Soon to arrive at French Blossom will be the new Spring/Summer collections of French baby clothes.  We will welcome Spring /Summer collections from brands such as Kayatine, Le Marchand d'etoiles and some new brands to our website, so we are very excited.  Chic and stylish designs associated with French baby clothing remain ever present in all our selections, while brighter warmer splashes of colour are certainly evident.!


New collection - French childrens clothes - French baby clothes

NEW french baby clothes - inspiring french baby clothing


The new collection of french childrens clothing and french baby clothes will soon arrive at French  We are very excited for our new Spring/Summer collections from designers such as Louis Louise, Rose Desbois, Merveilles, Kayatine, Louloueskimo, Les Marchand etoiles and many others.


There is certainly a light and delicate feel amongst the pieces, while bright, warm colours infiltrate the chic and stylish clothing! Orange and lemon coloured bows and ribbons bring vibrancy to the clothing!

Discover poetic pieces for babies, girls and boys with our careful selection of french childrens clothing and french baby clothes from the exclusively French designers at French Blossom.

Trousselier music box now at French Blossom

MUSICAL BOXES - original gift ideas for children - Trousselier



We are pleased to say we have just added the French Toy designer Trousselier to our collection at French Blossom. 

Among the many wonderful French Toys created by Trousselier we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Trousselir music box. 


These musical boxes for children are so beautiful and are a great gift idea!.  Each wind up music box plays its own tune and each box has its own unique characters from acrobats to ducks.  - Watch in wonder as they dance and spin across the surface of each box as the gentle music plays.


These beautiful chilldrens music boxes are certain to captivate and amaze all little children!

Childrens cushions by Virginie Z at French Blossom

Handmade childrens cushions - Virginie Z - french designer



We have just added a new collection of handmade childrens cushions to our collection at French Blossom.


These vintage cushions are handmade by Virginie Z in her atelier in France and each childrens cushion is made with a cotton cover and a synthetic foam interior.  Great as room decoration or as a gift for children, these childrens cushions are really pretty and very original. 

The rain drop shape cushion measure 40cm x29 cm and there are two designs to choose from, either the Paris scene or a hot air balloon scene.  Then each scene has three subtle variations in colour to choose from!


We have a lovely variety of handmade childrens cushion designs to choose from at French Blossom.  All our cushions are made in France and where possible we look for designers who use vintage materials.  All those of you who are regular visitors to our website will know that we have a love of different shaped childrens cushions, not just the standard square!  We have cloud shaped cushions, rain drop shaped cushions and even Fawn cushions. 


Discover all our pillows / cushions here ( French Blossom)





French baby clothing January sales

Great bargins and sale prices for designer kids fashion 



We have a lovely variety of French baby clothing to choose from and most is reduced in price for the Winter sales. 


At French Blossom we stock French baby clothes designers such as Kayatine, Eponime and Le Marchand d'etoiles and have products such as baby body suits, baby dresses, baby booties and much more.  Our baby clothes sale lasts until the 14 th February and with discounts of up to -40% why not take this opportunity to buy a beautiful piece of French baby clothing for your baby or as a gift for someone.


It should be noted that some of our French baby clothes has been handmade in France, while others are made with bio / organic cotton.  All our baby clothes are made by French designers.


De belles idées pour l'anniversaire des enfants, décoration, jolie table et animations


Une fête d’anniversaire est toujours un moment très attendu des enfants; un moment de rêve à partager avec la famille et les copains. Et pour les parents, c’est une occasion de leur témoigner leur amour.


C’est pourquoi on a toujours envie de leur créer un moment inoubliable plein de merveilleux souvenirs, une journée magique, remplie de rires.


Pour cela, nous allons créer une ambiance de fête. La décoration jouera un rôle très important ! Pour un goûter merveilleux, il faudra une table merveilleusement décorée, de l’idée, des couleurs, tout un univers !


On peut soi-même créer un ensemble, coloré, graphique et punchy avec la vaisselle d’anniversaire de la collection de My Little Day sur laquelle nous avons craqué et que vous pouvez retrouver désormais sur le shop. Une jolie série de gobelets, d’assiettes, de serviettes en papiers avec des Imprimés ludiques et de très jolies couleurs. Les créatrices de My Little Day ont même pensé à éditer les petits chapeaux pointus assortis !

On peut aussi s’inspirer de la passion des enfants pour organiser leur goûter.

Si Théo est fan de pirates, si Mila ne rêve que de fées et de princesses, si Jules se passionne pour les animaux la déco est toute trouvée !

Djeco a en effet crée toute une déclinaison de produits avec des kits d’anniversaire.

Des coffrets qui comprennent gobelets, assiettes et serviettes, tous imprimés avec des motifs originaux dessinés par des illustrateurs et illustratrices spécialisés dans l’univers enfant sur différents thèmes : les pirates, les chevaliers, les animaux de la savane, les princesses, etc… Des graphismes enchanteurs puisque leurs dessinateurs illustrent des livres pour enfants. Dans ces mêmes thèmes, Djeco a aussi édité des cartes d’invitations assorties ; il n’y a plus qu’à écrire un petit mot pour inviter les copains !

Autre élément à ne pas négliger dans la préparation d’un goûter d’anniversaire: l’animation.

Eh oui ! Pour les faire jouer ensemble et les occuper pendant cette journée si spéciale, mieux vaut prévoir quelques activités d’anniversaire sympas et rigolotes et ne pas se laisser prendre au dépourvu !

Nous avons ainsi sélectionné les jeux de société idéaux comme le Chamboul’boum que les enfants adorent, le Jeu de l’Âne, ou des jeux de cartes telles que le Ramino, Rapido météo et le coffret Djeco comprenant trois jeux : Méchanlou, Bataflash, et Mini family, le jeu des 7 familles, rire garantis !

Les activités créatives peuvent aussi créer des moments de complicité. On peut également organiser un petit atelier. En voici un original : la création d’un déguisement. Seuls des feutres suffisent ! En effet, OMY Design & Play a créé le déguisement à colorier, une activité amusante où les enfants pourront laisser libre cours à leur imagination ! Le studio de création parisien a également inventé les posters géants à colorier, qui existent en plusieurs modèles; tout le monde peut s’y mettre! Enfin, on peut aussi opter pour les sets de table OMY Design & Play qui édite des pochettes de 24 sets de table à colorier à disposer autour de la table d’anniversaire et une fois colorié pourra être gardé par l’enfant en souvenir !