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The brand Jellycat started in the UK in 1999 when the designer launched a small and unique collection of baby and childrens toys to the world.  Made with luxuriously soft materials and a utilizing a variety of textures and design styles, Jellycat announced itself to the world.

As with many brands a funny story or idea often acts as the starting point when finding the name of a company.  Jellycat is no different !  The name was inspired by a young child who loved jellies and cats !  Creating an image of the two together, the childs playfulness inadvertently found the name of the brand that today has developed into a well known and respected toy company sold around the world and loved by babies and children !

What makes Jellycat so special is that they continually look to challenge their designs and ideas creating delightfully soft and cuddly toys of all sizes, shapes and themes.  The designer creates toys for all ages from birth upwards and uses an array of different materials, textures and fabrication techniques to propose something for all tastes.

  • 23,00 €

    This lovely little baby Monkey, from the Cordy Roy collection designed by Jellycat, is a brown and beige funny monkey.  We love its long arm, and its long tail easy to catch for baby. This cute baby monkey is really soft with its cordy touch body !

    23,00 €
  • 30,00 €

    The Cordy Roy fox soft toy, designed by Jellycat, is a lovely orange and beige fox soft toy. We love its cute and impish face with its beige nose, ears and end of its tail. This little fox is really soft and we love the cordy-touch, which babies will also love. 

    30,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    This adorable monkey created by Jellycat will become your little one's favorite soft toy. Incredibly soft, it will never leave your child's arms and thanks to its 18 centimeters height, it will follow him in his craziest adventures. It will be an amazing playmate but also a little friend to protect and reassure him during bedtimes or afternoon naps. This...

    17,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    This adorable Cream Bunny soft toy has been created for your little one by Jellycat. He will fall for its incredibly soft fur which will reassure and calm him. This wonderful soft toy will never leave your little one's arms and thanks to its 18 centimeters height, he will follow him wherever he wants. Amazing playmate, it will also be his faovrite soft...

    17,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    How to resist the cute face of this adorable lamb soft toy created by Jellycat ? Your little one will be the first falling for its incredibly soft fur and will for sure adopt this cute animal. It will be an amazing playmate but also a little friend to protect and reassure him during bedtimes or afternoon naps. Both will rapidly become inseparable and the...

    17,00 €
  • 27,00 €

    Fuddlewuddle is an exceptionally soft toy cat !  She is milky white in colour and loves playing outside ! This toy cat measures 23cm in height and has a lovely long tail.  She has black eyes and a little pink nose.  Fuddlewuddle is easy to hold for little hands.  This little soft toy cat makes a wonderful gift idea for children.    Dimensions: 23cm in...

    27,00 €
  • 26,50 €

    Dimensions: 23cm Washing:  Hand wash recommended Designer: Jellycat - soft toys for babies and children

    26,50 €
  • 34,00 €

    This adorable gift pack by Jellycat includes a little Owl and "Wake Up Little Owl", an adorably drawn book by Kirsten Irving and Gareth Llewhellin. You will not be able to resist this little owl's softness which will become your little on's best friend during bedtimes and the more authentic than the original major character of the book. Your little one...

    34,00 €
  • 36,00 €

    Jellycat designed for you this cute little brown and beige monkey included in this new gift pack with the illustrated book "I Know a Monkey" by Louise Tate. Written in english, it will be perfect to initiate your little one's into this wonderful language. The little soft toy with it is so soft that your little one will never leave it, it will become his...

    36,00 €
  • 32,00 €

    Bedtime will become your little one's favorite time thanks to this pack including a cute rabbit designed by Jellycat and the wonderful "When I am Big" illustrated book by Penny Johnson et Kirsten Irving. Incredibly soft, this adorable soft toy will never leave your little one's arms and will become his best friend during bedtimes to listen to this story...

    32,00 €
  • 32,00 €

    Your little one will be amazed by the story of the wonderful illustrated book by Penny Johnson and Kristen Irving that you will find in this gift pack with the rabbit soft toy created by Jellycat. Incredibly soft, it will be instantly adopted by your little one and both will rapidly become inseparable. Major character of the book with it, it will become...

    32,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    Hello there !  My name is Bredita and I am a duck soother toy for babies.  Measuring 23cmin height, this exceptionally soft  plush toy makes a super original gift idea for babies and young children.  The flat blanket body of the duck makes it easy for little hands to hold while the ducks orange beak and blue and white striped top contrast well with the...

    17,00 €
  • 23,50 €

    This adorably soft penguin toy is called Peanut !  Vintage in style and colour, the soft toy is certain to become a best friend for little ones. Peanut measures 23 cm in height.  He has an orange beak and orange feet while his ivory cream front contrasts well with the charcoal black of his back and wings.  This little toy and will make a wonderfully...

    23,50 €
  • 21,00 €

    Bashful the monkey is an irrisistibly soft plush toy blanket for babies !  Chocolate brown in colour, the little monkey is so cute and makes a super birth gift or present for young children.  Ideal for small hands to hold, the toy will be hard to put down and is certain to receive lots of cuddles from little ones.

    21,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    Blossom bunny has to be one of the sweetest and softest toy rabbits you will ever find !  Cream in colour her little ears and feet have a delicate flower pattern print.  She has black eyes and a soft pink nose.  Blossom bunny loves going on picnics and playing in the fields with her friends.

    17,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    Height: 23cm Colour: Cream with pink stripes Material:  100% Polyester Washing: Hand wash only Designer: Jellycat

    17,00 €
  • 18,50 €

    Last Item! Dimensions: 23cm in height Material: 100% polyester Designer: Jellycat Washing: Hand wash only Age: From birth

    18,50 €
  • 19,00 €

    We love this super cute little fawn, by Jellycat, with its light brown and dark brown color and its little white dots.  Colour: Tan Height: 18cm Material : polyester  Suitable from birth  Designer: Jellycat

    19,00 €
  • 16,00 €

    The beige bunny grabber is perfect for little hands to hold.  With black eyes, a pastel pink nose and big droopy ears, this adorable little toy is certain to become your babies best friend.  Measuring 18 cm in height and light to hold the grabber makes a perfect gift idea for young babies.  If you like the beige bunny grabber then you might also like the...

    16,00 €
  • 17,00 €

    This lovely little bunny rattle, designed by Jellycat, will soon become the best friend of your baby. Very cute and soft, this starry bunny rattle has the shape of a rabbit with little stars on its belly and on its ears. If you shake it you will ear a nice sound of little bells.

    17,00 €
  • 13,00 €

    A bright and colourful baby toy ball designed and made by Jellycat that makes a fun boing noise each time it is dropped or kicked. This ball will be perfect for you child to have fun with the "boing" sound and to learn the animals !

    13,00 €
  • 13,00 €

    This small colorful ball is the perfect toy for baby to learn the farm animals in a fun way. This ball does a "boing" sound each time it hits the floor or it touches something. Baby will love it ! Designed by Jellycat.

    13,00 €

How do you choose a soft toy gift idea for babies or children ?  Often we choose items where the style and form pleases us as adults but we should also be aware of the way a toy can stimulate a childrens senses !  The colours of a toy, the feel of the fabric and the size are all important factors.  Is it easy to hold for little hands, is it light to carry around all day long ? 

Fortunately Jellycat designs toys to suit all tastes.  Maybe you are looking for original birth gift toys with poetic patterns and soft colours or you are seeking larger toys for bigger children, you will find something for all ages at French Blossom.  One thing does remain constant in all the Jellycat toys and that is the amazingly soft feel of each piece !  It is difficult from an image alone to describe how soft these toys are but we have never felt softer or smoother !

All the toys from the designer go through stringent and rigorous safety tests and conform to the European Safety Standard (EN71 parts 1,2 & 3).  Safety is paramount when it comes to toys !

At French Blossom you can discover a range of baby toys, soother blankets, rattles and even musical toys.  Rabbits and little sweet mice always seem to be a strong theme for the babies toys while many of the larger toys include cats, lions and most recently we added the wonderful Peanut the Penguin soft toy.   

The comfort blankets or soother toys come in a variety of colours and themes.  There is a soft cream rabbit smoother, a grey mouse, a cheeky monkey but our personal favourite has to be 'Shiver the Penguin' soother.  Vintage in colour and style, the little striped penguin with his bright orange beak holds his favourite cream plush blanket between his wings.  This soft toy baby smoother is certain to become a best friend for little ones !