Having fun is far from being incompatible with bath time! Thus we selected brands that make great bath toys.

Discover the lovely Plan Toys, a young brand that makes great eco-friendly wooden toys. These toys are not only pretty; they are also so much fun! They can help your little one develop his / her imagination and keep him / her busy while you wash his / her little body.

Feeling like remembering the school parties you had when you were young? Then give in to the fun ducks from Djeco. You will then be able to share a moment of complicity with your little one where you can teach him / her how to fish ducks like old days.

You will also find in this category the beautiful wooden boats from Tirot, a French brand that makes them with love and patience. They are ideal if you like sailing and want to transmit this passion to your child from their youngest age.

Discover our lovely bath toy selection just below!

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