Scented candle - Châtaigne Corse
  • Scented candle - Châtaigne Corse
  • Scented candle - Châtaigne Corse
  • Scented candle - Châtaigne Corse

The Châtaigne Corse (Corsican Chestnut) candle, designed by the brand Kerzon, is a scented candle with notes of flower, chocolate and vanilla.

The collection "L'herbier de Kerzon" has for inspiration fragrances of the garden, almost vintage fragrances, authentic for sure, which remind us our grand-mother garden. These candles also have vegetals scents which came for all around the world, a real scented invitation to travel. 

We love the packaging of this collection : grey boxes with black illustrations, designed by Frédérique Vermillet, and rose gold letters, very chic and lovely. 

The Châtaigne Corse scented candle is a candle, with floral notes and chocolate and vanilla notes at the end. 


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It has a very soft and soothing fragrance, perfect for a bedroom during a cold night of winter. 

The candle came in a mint glass pot with a colored illustration on the front, with vintage inspiration, which remind us our old herbarium.

This candle is made of biodegradable wax, the wick is in pure cotton and the fragrances are made with a selection quality raw materials. 

Fragrances : floral, chestnut, chocolate and vanilla


Creator : Kerzon