My Friends stacking cubes
  • My Friends stacking cubes
  • My Friends stacking cubes
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As you might know we are really fond of stacking cube toys here at French Blossom and we are delighted to introduce this new stacking cube set from Djeco.  With 10 cubes in total, decending in size, babies and young children can build up a tower measuring 86cm in height. They can knock over the cubes and then rebuild the tower again and again.  The cubes are made from a light yet durable card. 

The cubes have bright and colurful childlike illustrations on each surface.  One surface has numbers and corresponding fruit and vegetables to help your children with their number skills, another surface has pretty animals, while another surface has a tree that snakes through each cube design.  These stacking cubes make a lovely gift idea for babies!


Designer:  Djeco

Stacking cubes for babies

Age: 12+ months

10 cubes in total