Activity Blocks
  • Activity Blocks
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This set of little activity wooden blocks made by Plan Toys for your child is simply amazing! In addition to being pretty with their bright colours, they help develop numerous skills for young ones.

We can thus find 3 blocks developing the vision thanks to a mirror, a kaleidoscope and a magnifying glass. These are the white cubes.

3 others develop the sense of touch thanks to a little recess in which your little one can slide his / her finger and discover the texture of velvet, corduroy and cotton.

The 3 remaining blocks develop the hearing by making several rattling noises thanks to a bell, beads and a marble.


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For your of as a gift, this set of activity blocks is ideal for developing the little ones skills while having fun!

Contains 6 coloured cubes, 3 white cubes and a storage bag.

From 12 months

Develops motor, tactile, visual and auditory skill.

Cubes made of rubber tree wood, without any toxic products for children.

Cubes dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm

Designer: Plan Toys