Paper Collective, emotional posters
Paper Collective, emotional posters
Jul 03, 2019

Recently welcomed in the Blososm Family, Paper Collective is a young Danish brand, committed to beauty and social projects.

The Blossom Team completely fell for their original, sometimes dramatic, always true designs. But above it all, we love what they are, and what they value. Not only are they committed at an environmental level, by complying with the Swan eco-label and producing locally their posters in Denmark, but they also get involved in social and human projects, fighting for a better access to education, helping populations to grow and develop, improving living conditions… They created an ethical, beautiful brand that we could only fall for.

Here’s a small sample of the brand’s prettiest creations :

1) Still Life, Pia Winther

Dramatic ? Did someone say dramatic ? A simple Hydrangea flower on a black background, who could have thought that it would look so mesmerizing ? We definitely love its theatrical, majestic design, perfect to enhance a dull white wall, upgrade a simple room or make a statement from your hall.

We picture it, stunning and astonishing, in a pure home decoration, mixing wood, black metal, marble…

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2) Wrong Geometry, Wrong

Graphic and colorful, this poster definietly remind us of the stunning creations of the French painter Mondrian, which mix geometrical shapes and bright colors. It will be perfectly enhanced on a light wall, that will give its colors all the room needed to shine.

We picture it, joyful and atypical, in a warm, modern decoration, with a little retro touch, to salute its Mondrian inspiration.

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3) Swim, Kristian Holm

Oh holidays, lovely holidays ! Swimming in a pool surrounded by a dreamy landscape, bathe in the sun for hours, enjoy the little things of life… We all wish we could do it all year long. Well, to help you feel in holidays even in the cold of January, Paper Collective has created this beautiful poster, to remind us that holidays are never that far away.

We picture it calm and soothing, in a light, radiant decoration.

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