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Enter the poetic and dreamy world of Scalaë. Created by Laëtitita, a young creative woman from Marseilles (South of France), this charming brand offers us beautiful decorative animals that can be displayed in the bedroom of little ones and grownups. First, she created a blog where she shares her little fantasies ad children accessories. Her beautiful creations, both soft and poetic, do not stay unnoticed and quite soon, Scalaë becomes a very much appreciated brand from mothers that like to put their favourite pieces in the bedroom of their children.

Entirely handmade in her workshops in Marseille, we have to give in to the mix of soft and bright colours the designer uses for her creations. Greys and whites combines with pinks and blues for our greatest pleasure. You can also find these animals either as a mobile or a beautiful piece of decoration to simply display on a shelf or a desk.

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