Our story

It all started in 2011...

Living in an international, eclectic context, the founders realized their friends; coming from all around the world, have a great admiration for the style and fashion habits of French kids, but experienced difficulties to reach it.

Yet, the French child fashion sphere is rich and full of talents waiting to be showcased in France but also abroad.

That was all the two young entrepreneurs needed to start working on a online concept store. During fall 2011, French Blossom was born.


The main idea :
"offer these talented French designers a showcase for their products, making them easy to access in France and abroad"


A dynamic team is set up, always looking for new treasures, through fairs and social medias and by monitoring new trends. The point is to offer original products and must-have, with only one thing in mind : Select the best of French and European designers, and bring them to customers looking for originality, modernity and authenticity.


W H O ' S  W H O  ?

Meriem and Nicholas met in French. She graduated from a business school, is always smiling and caring, running around in her glitter shoes...
He is a golf and Art History lover, with a British sense of humour, organised and a picky tea drinker.
Together, they combine many talents : young parents, persistent entrepreneurs, designers and handy and... Pulp Fiction fans !

They are supported daily by two talented women Philippine (aka Pippa) and Céline, as well as a young, creative, kind team : the Blossom Family !


 At French Blossom, the team may be small but the ambitions are big ! We truly want to let you discover and love the designers we care about, their universes, rich and exciting, their ways of playing with trends and the infinite patience that brings their creations to life.

We want to offer products for all, taking care of finding articles adapted to every budget, to make creativity and quality affordable. On our website, you may fall in love with a stunning armchair from House Doctor, a lovely bracelet from Titlee Paris, or a sleeping bag for baby. All we want, is for you to find the perfect gift for the ones you love (or yourself !).



And since 2011 ?

Life changing meetings, beautiful discoveries, baby clients gone big, with parents with new needs... These all made French Blossom evolve and grow, changing it into a real life store, with multiple universes. From home decoration to lifestyle, to clothing and beauty, our selection has enriched but is still guided by our hearts and carefully thought.

In 2016, the team has decided to give their offices a great make-over, turning them into a physical shop, hidden in the city center of French Blossom birth place, Rennes, in France. On the 16th of November 2016, we welcomed clients for the first time in our cocoon, creating a space where we can welcome them as friends, and take time to talk, discuss and enjoy.


Our concept store in Rennes